8 Bedroom Hacks To Get Through Winter

8 Bedroom Hacks To Get Through Winter

Looking to liven up your living space this Winter? You are not alone! Every year the cold season can make your property feel gloomy and uninviting. But that doesn’t mean your home needs to fall into hibernation mode. It’s time to break the cold cycle and keep your space warm and welcoming all year round. Fortunately, the team at Vault Interiors have got you covered. Be sure to check out our top 8 tricks to beating the Winter woes.

Live for layers

It’s the season your heating bills skyrocket. Make this the year you break the expensive habit. Instead of turning up the heat, trap it! How? By learning to layer different textures and fabrics. Try to mix thick woollen blankets with faux fur throws for optimal comfort. Not only will it instantly make your room more inviting, but it will incorporate some of the most stylish trends this season.

Keep it colourful

It might come as a surprise to learn that the colour scheme of a bedroom can drastically change its tone. Stick to colours that encourage warmth, such as deep plums and rich earthy tones. Want to know if you’re going for the right shades? A great way to stay on track is by selecting colours that are reminiscent of a natural winter palette. It takes no time at all to switch up your cushions, throws, candles, blankets and other decorative vessels. The best part is that the colour scheme of a room can be transformed seasonally depending on the accessories you select.

Add Sweet scents

Never underestimate the power of a great candle. Fantastic for brightening up a space and creating a welcoming atmosphere to any room. Experiment with scents to find your personal preferences. We recommend trying winter scents such as vanilla and caramel. Mix different sizes and set them on a decorative tray. This will add a stylish flair to their presentation.

Rug Up

Losing all your heat through your floorboards? A simple plush shag or sisal rug is the answer to your problems. Now your room will stay comfortable all year round, not to mention your toes will thank you for it!

Lively living 

If you’ve got a green thumb this next suggestion is a must. Go natural by decorating with flowers, succulents and ferns. Featuring a bit of life on your bedside table or dresser is a fantastic way to filter your air, while adding some glamour.

Lighten Up

Natural light can be scarce during Winter. Opting for more artificial lighting options such as lamps can brighten your bedroom up. But don’t forget to switch the cooler bulbs for warm ones. Softer lighting is a handy trick used by stylists to encourage an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation.

Curtain call

Nothing traps heat faster than a set of thick floor-length curtains. Not only do they instantly insulate, but they act as an amazing solution to escaping the winter scene outside.

Mirror Image

Utilise the magic of mirrors to give your room the impression of boundless space and warmth. A floor length mirror hung vertically is not only the ultimate optical illusion, but a fantastic décor item. The best part, they are a trend that works all year round.


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