Why You Should Never Sell Your Property Empty

Why You Should Never Sell Your Property Empty

When selling a home the main objective is to achieve the best price for the property as quickly and efficiently as possible. Vendors often make the mistake of putting their property on the market empty – with no furniture. It is a common misconception that empty homes feel bigger because of the lack of clutter, this is not the case at all! Here’s why you should never present your property for sale empty.


Not everyone has an eye for the potential a home holds, the understanding of the space and what it can occupy. Having furniture in a home puts the area into perspective and allows the mind to envision the space for what it could be. The room looks bigger, as the eye picks up textures and perspectives, rather than just looking at a blank canvas.

A good example of this is in bedrooms. Being unsure if a certain size bed can fit into a room will create immediate assumptions and therefore question the purchase of the home. Rather assure the viewer by actually having a bed in the room.

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Furniture creates a focal point and draws the viewers’ attention towards it, and away from small scuff marks and scratches in existing paintwork or flooring. Without furniture being the focal point, the eye is drawn to all the imperfections in the room, leaving the viewer thinking that the property needs work.


Sad but true, the reality is that 90% of property buyers can’t envision how an empty space will look and feel as their home if it is empty. This is then compounded by the fact that buyers only have 30 minutes to view the home, and may have already looked at multiple other properties for sale on that day. The emotional value styling generates is the key to influencing a buyer’s purchase decision. When a property is styled well, the viewer looks at the home as if it were their own and becomes attached. Envisioning themselves within the flow and function of the area makes it a reality for them and eliminates confusion around the use of the area.


More competition to buy your property equals a higher sale price for you! Therefore, you want to create an appealing space filled with artwork and furniture to enhance your online advertising and strengthen your marketing campaign. Having a listing which stands out to interested buyers will draw bigger attraction to the open house and increase the potential value of the home.


Furniture plays a significant role in the overall presentation of a property, but it isn’t the only element in styling the space. Good lighting is incredibly important, especially if the home is lacking in natural light. Floor lamps placed in the correct positions create a welcoming space with a warm, ambient mood. Light, whether it is natural or not, makes a space look bigger. The lighter the home, the more perceived space.

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Most homes have “dead space” which can have great potential. For example, if you have a dead (or empty) space under your stairs and no study area, you could create a study area here which will not only add more function to the home, but value too. Adding a parent sitting zone in a large master bedroom does this too. Dressing the space into more than what the eye can see allows the viewer to see the potential the area holds.

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