Why a study will add value to your home

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Why a study will add value to your home

Study zones are fast becoming a must-have for Sydney property buyers. This trend is seeing savvy vendors incorporating the facility for either a study nook or a full home office into their properties.

With more companies embracing online platforms and agile work environments, more employees now have the flexibility to work from home. In addition, Sydney’s cost of living and changes to maternity leave policies may be increasing the number of new parents returning to the workforce earlier – making working from home an attractive option for new parents.

The increase in small businesses and sole traders working in consulting capacities from a home office, is another factor which is likely to be impacting the home office trend.

Further, the growing accessibility to tertiary education through online study may be bolstering an already steady student population in Sydney, including the healthy international student segment.

A study space can be incorporated into most homes and could add significant value to your home when it comes time to sell.

Look for dead spaces – such as wide hallways and unused areas in bedrooms which could have a built-in desk as an extension of the wardrobe joinery.

Rethink existing dual-purpose zones – a sunroom could become an office and a sitting area. A guest bedroom could have a smaller bed or fold out sofa bed, and a desk and chair instead of one large bed.

If the home has a secondary dining or living space, work a study space into the more casual living area.

A separate private space is much more productive, as you are removed from the distractions of the main household. For those with the space, the creation of a home office that is separate from the main house or living areas is advisable.

In larger homes consider converting one of the bedrooms into an office, instead of presenting it as guest bedroom. Converting attic space above the garage or a granny flat into a home office, is a great addition if the option is there. If these spaces have their own bathroom facilities – even better.

If the work zone is primarily used for more informal use such as ordering groceries, children’s homework or family internet usage then, being in the hub of the home is a benefit. It is best to set the study area up in a space that is semi-concealed and has less foot traffic.

In apartments or small homes, maximize your study’s usage by ensuring you select appropriate furniture. For narrow areas use a console table instead of a traditional desk. Consoles are usually a good height and are the perfect depth for a laptop. Ensure you use all the wall space available to you with pin boards and floating shelves above the desk.

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