Where to begin when buying a new rug

Where to begin when buying a new rug

Looking for a new rug for your abode? With such a wide range of products on the market these days, rug shopping can be daunting.

The right rug for your place will largely depend on the style of your home and the overall look you want to achieve, but you need to start somewhere.

When beginning your rug shopping there are 3 keys things you do need to consider: material type, style and size.

Material Type

Consider the use of the space first and foremost when deciding on a type of material. For high traffic rooms choose a sturdy material that won’t wear quickly. Areas like bedrooms can accommodate a more delicate fabric unless of course it is for a child’s room. A rug is not something you want to be replacing yearly, so consider this an investment piece and go for the best quality you can afford.

Flat weave rugs like hemp, wool, jute or sisal look fantastic when paired with Coastal, Hamptons or Classic style furniture and are relatively low maintenance. For a modern home, cow hides look stunning and they come in a range of colours, shapes and sizes. Cowhides give a very ‘designer’ look when paired with chrome, brass, glass or polyurethane furniture.

Plush or shag rugs complement most furniture styles. These rugs soften the ‘hard edge’ feel that modern furniture can sometimes give off, and their texture also tends to hide dirt and stains better than flat weaves. These are a great option for living and dining spaces in modern and executive style apartments and houses.

For kids rooms or playrooms there are fantastic plastic rugs available. These are low maintenance and ideal for spills as they can be mopped! Try Habitat Home Collection.


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Deciding on colour and pattern will largely depend on how much else is going on in the room.

If the wall colour and furniture are neutral then a bright patterned rug in either a geometric, chevron or Moroccan style will look amazing and anchor the room. If your room has a bright or rich wall colour, patterned wallpaper or a bold feature artwork, then let that be the dominating visual factor. Opt for a neutral rug and utilise texture to achieve impact instead. Jute or sisal are an ideal match.

For really beautiful top end custom rugs we recommend Designer Rugs or The Rug Establishment. Armidillo & Co and Coppola Home are our go-to’s for amazing midrange rugs. For budget rugs, IKEA has an excellent selection, especially the flat woven ranges and the geometric low pile rugs.

Copy of Gubbuteh Rd Living Room

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As a general rule, a larger rug will make a room feel bigger. If the rug is for a living room, your sofa and coffee table should sit on the rug, creating an anchor point. Ensure you measure the room and furniture accurately before you hit the shops.

Select a large area rug for an open plan home where the living room furniture is floating in a large space – this will allow you to create a defined zone. In most cases a 3.5m x 2.5m rug will work and allow correct furniture placement.

If your home has a separate living room (like in many terrace homes) we recommend going for a rug the same length as your sofa. A standard size would be around 2.3m x 1.6m. For a nursery or study nook, smaller rugs work well. Try a 1.2m x 1.7m size or even a round rug.

5 Reuss St Living Room

Styled by Vault Interiors Property Styling

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