What’s Trending In Living Rooms

What’s Trending In Living Rooms

Your living room should be a special place. It’s that part of your property where friends and family come together to laugh, relax and feel at home. To keep your living room looking fabulous, try a touch of these hot trends for stunning living room design.

The news in living room interior design for 2017 so far?

Modern, open-plan industrial-style living continues its popularity. And it makes sense. Today’s busy lives look for an easy flow and a friendly feel, with a lack of formality that creates the lifestyle you love.
Many architects and builders are designing new builds with tall ceilings, polished concrete floors, or wide floorboards, with the light-filled beauty from large expanses of French windows for a warehouse feel.
Clean lines here in these communal spaces minimise clutter and create a welcoming feel but detailed bathroom and kitchen style adds a clever contrast for added interest. Old meets new in a fusion of designer style that sees streamlined joinery finished with metallic handles, or matte black tapware mixing it up with subway-style tiles.


In the world of furniture trends for living rooms, some people love to mix Scandi-look minimalism for the ultimate in a clean, calm space. But if glam is more your style, look to metallic detail and patterns on everything from soft furnishings to artworks and accessories.

Really, it’s up to you and what works with your property. Whether you choose the deep luxury of a heavily dressed living room space or pared-back blank spaces to put your feet up in, you’ll still be on trend for 2017.

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As the trend for Japandi and Scandi-style furniture continues to find new fans, tones of light oak, with watery pastel accent colours rule the roost and simple neutral shades of black, white and grey are the ideal backdrop.

Meanwhile, the glam movement is all about being in love with luxe. Think rich velvets and metallic bling and if you have space, choose over-scaled furniture pieces that inspire a sense of grandeur.
Mint and soft pink have peaked in popularity in 2017 and they work well with both key trends. If you favour sinking all the way into a pure luxe look, be bold with burnt orange or deep emerald for a dramatic ‘wow’ factor that can be added through accent cushions or a commitment to a key item, such as a rug or even a sofa.

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True style never goes out of fashion and for interior design that won’t date, choose earthy neutral tones and have fun with texture for some added pop. Wheatgrass wallpapers are a stylish addition to any space and this can be contrasted with the use of seasonal, on-trend colours in smaller items that can be shifted around and refreshed as time moves on.
The use of block colours is a smart way to define spaces and create separate zones within your open-plan living zones.

Image: Vault Interiors Property Styling


Remember, although beautiful interior design definitely does turn a house into a home, don’t let slavishly following trends take over from what your living room should really be – a place for pure comfort and enjoyment. Designer touches can be added with a firm nod to the latest interior design trends but sacrificing style over comfort diminishes the purpose of truly great interior styling. With a room that feels as good as it looks, you’ll spend many happy moments – the best possible use for a great living room in real style.

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