How To Create A Wellness Sanctuary

How To Create A Wellness Sanctuary

Your home is more than just bricks and mortar. It is a place bursting with creative potential. Every styling decision you make has a huge impact on the mood and feeling of your space.

Wellness is a buzz word gaining traction in the home interiors industry. The movement focuses on promoting wellness, vitality and good health through strategic styling choices. Read on to discover four simple changes you can make in your today to transform your home into a thriving wellness sanctuary.


The first step to a healthier home is to consider air flow. Good ventilation in every room is essential to keep spaces smelling fresh, and can have a dramatic impact on boosting mood and energy levels.

Consider switching to lightweight window coverings such as sheer drapes or linen curtains to allow cool breezes to fill your space. This will prevent stale air from becoming trapped in rooms, and improve the air quality throughout your entire home.

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There is nothing more draining than harsh, artificial light. It has the potential to induce headaches and eye strain and overuse can lead to expensive electricity costs.

Instead, we recommend turning off the switch and flooding your rooms with soft natural light. Opening windows and doors will make your rooms feel bigger and brighter, and will cast a beautiful warm glow across your interiors.

Taking advantage of natural light will ensure you get your daily dose vitamin D and helps your home to become less reliant on artificial alternatives.

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We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again. Indoor plants are a must in any home! They are one of the easiest ways to enhance the health of your space by purifying the air and stimulating the senses.

There are a variety of ways plants can be used when creating a wellness sanctuary. Hanging ferns make a striking visual statement, while standing floor plants are a fantastic way to fill empty spaces in hallways or living areas.

Floral arrangements create decorative centrepieces and help to give spaces a clear focal point. Think about using gardenias, jasmine and begonias to fill your rooms with sweet fragrance.

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Wellness means more than just personal health. The movement considers the environmental footprint our homes have on the planet, and promotes the use of sustainable materials and homewares.

Be sure to use natural materials at every opportunity, such as woods, linen and bamboo. Upcycling vintage furniture is another fantastic way to promote sustainable design, offering a budget-friendly option that achieves a balance between beauty and wellness.

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