Getting To Know Wellness Architecture

Getting To Know Wellness Architecture

Another buzz term to get used to? But this one matters…

Wellness architecture is all about smart, sustainable design that is better for the environment and our future on a healthy planet. The other important side-effect? It can also have a positive influence on our mental and psychological well-being.

The principle behind it is simple. By incorporating elements of design that actively promote health and fitness, as well as pare back clutter for a simpler interior aesthetic, you can enjoy the benefits of a restful, rejuvenated mood.
This is a trend that seems sure to be with us for a while – and that’s great news. As interior design specialists, we’re looking forward to seeing it blend into all aspects of interior design and the architecture industry. It makes sense. Already, more and more people around the world are embracing better ways to live more cleanly – from organic whole foods to vegan eating and chemical-free skincare. The global return to a healthier way of life is a trend that is positive, and if it helps people use and experiences the spaces we live in, that’s a wonderful evolution.


Both residential and commercial designers are already embracing the shift, by integrating aspects of wellness architecture into modern home design.
With interior design in mind, the trend is being explored with the addition of integrated plant life and green walls to encourage better air flow and beautify the city-scape.
By incorporating calm and quiet relaxation spaces, and introducing soft palettes of colour, visual noise is reduced and a simpler, calmer aesthetic is created.
In residential spaces, anything that promotes greater comfort, better light, and enhanced feelings of space feeling all tick the boxes of wellness-focused design, with less reliance on air conditioning and artificial light.

Think high ceilings, with windows and doors that slide open easily to let the outdoor environment flow in. Use of recycled building materials is also an important aspect.



To add elements of the look and feel to your home, try these tips:

Earthy Textures

Throws of faux fur, cushions and rugs of natural fibres that beg to be touched by your skin, are a big part of creating an environment of comforting wellness.
The current trend towards Scandinavian and Viking interior style is all about natural, earthy textures – accents that can be added to your home.


Pastel Perfection

Soft colour is calming and by choosing, soft pink, grey, mint and light blue, you’ll be on-trend. Look for bedding, towels, cushion covers and other accents to add elements of wellness-infused serenity to your living spaces.

Image: Vault Interiors Property Styling

Scandi Style

Think round coffee tables with thin tapered legs, sideboards and retro-look chairs.
Oak or white-washed wood tones add light and simple style. It might not be a genuine Eames but the look is one you’ll love.

Image: Vault Interiors Property Styling

Plant Life

Large, leafy indoor plants that sit on your floor look good – and add life and colour.
Use them to fill empty spaces next to your entertainment unit or bookshelf and, in the hallway, think finger palms for a perfect retro-vibe.
Feeling healthy and happy in your own home or workspace is important – and with some careful planning, it’s a feeling you can enjoy, in style.

Image: Vault Interiors Property Styling


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