How to Maximise Your Space With Vertical Storage

How to Maximise Your Space With Vertical Storage

Vertical storage is a great way to maximise function in your space. Whether it be in a bathroom, study or living room, think outside the square when it comes to displaying your items. 


In a bathroom, ladders are a great addition for hanging towels, or dressing gowns. Depending on the style of your bathroom, it can add a nice, eclectic touch. Standard wall mount towel rails can be great too, and in fact, why not make them a visual statement? Current trends have been matte black or gold instead of the standard silver – there’s no reason why hardware shouldn’t also be beautiful!

This same principle can also be applied to your bedroom. It’s a great way to display nice scarves or throws. Try grouping a ladder in a bedroom corner with a floor-standing mirror and a nice chair for a pretty vignette that also assists in getting ready!


In a living room, you can create wow factor with a vertical display. Use an open feel bookshelf, or a display cabinet to showcase your personal items, objects and books. The key to creating a stylish display is to not overcrowd the shelves. Have some visual space and cluster items to create interesting groupings of your accessories.

Bookshelves are also great for studies, where organization is key, use magazine holders and nice boxes to store items, concealed storage always looks neater. Floating shelves are also fantastic for extra display space, use in living rooms to create a gallery wall of smaller art prints, or in kitchens so you can display your nice crockery or glasses.

Hanging hooks 

In a foyer, hanging hooks are great for coats, and you don’t have use boring normal hooks either. Get creative – you can use reclaimed timber and use interesting vintage hardware. You can also use a mix of coloured hooks, so the wall hooks look fabulous on their own even without any coats. You can hang hooks at different heights to create a visual pattern – have fun with it, and use it showcase your personal style!

Hanging storage can also double as artwork. Hang some string or rope above your bed or sofa, and clip from it Polaroid photos, holiday snaps, letters from friends, or inspirational pictures from magazines. Pair with some LED fairy lights,  and you have a vertical mood board that also looks enchanting!

Vertical gardening

Vertical gardens also fall under hanging storage. If you are limited on space but have a green thumb, consider a green wall, or hanging rows of herb pots in your kitchen or courtyard. Not only does it create a lovely visual feature, but it is also practical! Greenery always uplifts any space, internal or external. Hanging planter pots look lovely in bathrooms, corners of living rooms or bedrooms  – try this for an on-trend Scandi feel.

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