Turn Your Home Into A Tropical Oasis

Turn Your Home Into A Tropical Oasis

Instantly make your space a sunny, urban jungle. Or perhaps a carefree coastal bungalow? A popular trend hitting the interior scene is tropical styling. With a focus on all things light, bright and relaxing it’s not hard to see what has made this aesthetic magnetic to so many budding decorators.  If you have ever wanted to take that resort feeling home from your holiday, now you can! Learn how to transform your space into a tropical paradise with a few simple styling tips. 

Natural Beauty

The resort look is all about nailing that effortlessly polished styling. So how can you make your home relaxed and meticulously styled at the same time? By incorporating natural materials and lighting. When picking your furnishings look for those that primarily utilise natural resources such as rattan, bamboo and oak, to name a few. These materials present a cosy and pared-back aura to the home, but are unique enough to add some character. Focus your attention on subtle ways to draw natural light into your property. Start by applying a light, minimalistic colour palette to your walls. This means sticking to mainly bright colours like white, beige and grey. Whitewashed wooden floors, crochet throws and rattan lamp shades are often the stars of this interior trend. Don’t shy away from feature furnishings too, such as woven palm leaf baskets.

Plant Power

Go green, by bringing the outside, in! Don’t be afraid to decorate your space with plants. Not only will they add a pop of colour, they are also a great way to purify the air. Rocking some indoor plants will truly emphasise your style story, while creating a healthier living environment. Lush greenery, especially oversized, can give a room more colour and texture. Note that to keep your plants vibrant, you need to water them, and place them close to the window to get enough sunlight. Look towards bright, attention grabbing greens such as succulents, birds of paradise or palms. Don’t forget to dress up your plants with some beautiful ceramic ornate pots.

Holiday Scents

Tropical scented candles are a fantastic way to transport you to your favourite holiday spot without leaving the comfort of your home. Coconut, lemongrass and vanilla are some great contenders. Diffusers are also an option.








Playful Prints

If you’re excited to experiment with summery, floral prints, the best place to introduce them would be on soft furnishings such as cushions and bedding. Popular options are pineapples and palm leaves, but if these are a bit too literal for your liking then feel free to shake it up! Other great options are geometric patterns, but we’d recommend steering clear of stripes as they are more associated with a nautical aesthetic. Stick to block colours to prevent patterns becoming too loud, taking away from the draw of the calm, breezy summer interior you are aiming for.









Zesty Colours

The base colours to centre your furnishing around are whites and shades of grey. Try to avoid leaning on creams as they lend better to coastal interiors. Blonde wood also works well. But the best news is…striking yellows and greens are welcome here! Whilst these colours shouldn’t be too heavily present the occasional pop does wonders, as it draws more interest to the space.

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