Top 5 tips to bring Spring into the home

introduce spring into the home

Top 5 tips to bring Spring into the home

The weather is warming up, plants and flowers are budding and there is an intoxicating Spring scent in the air.

Transform and breathe new life into your home by embracing the seasons.

Here are five ways to bring the outside in this Spring:


Adding greenery and flowers is a great way to bring the outside in and add some colour to your home at the same time. Embracing plant life and incorporating greenery into your home can only have positive results, which have more than just visual benefits. Check out our guide on selecting indoor plants or introduce some spring cuttings from the garden into your home in vases.


Mix up your current décor by incorporating floral prints in to the home. There are many ways to do this, such as cushions and throws, dinnerware, wallpaper, rugs or even artwork. Floral wall decals are a great non-permanent addition for a child’s room. The key is to select one or two statement floral items in a complimentary colour to your existing décor. A modern floral print is your best bet to avoid an old fashioned look.


Truly embrace Spring by changing your colour palate to suit the season. Depending on your current décor and personal preference you could go for a bright and colourful approach – such as pinks, oranges and greens or create a fresh and clean look with pale blue and white. Again, you want to introduce these seasonal looks with non-permanent fixtures such as artwork, soft furnishings and accessories, like vases, candles, coffee table books and photo frames. Fresh, white, organic cotton linen sheets are another lovely Spring update to freshen up the home.


Embrace nature with natural materials that can really bring the great outdoors into the home. Handicrafts and rustic furniture are very on-trend at the moment and available widely in all the main furniture stores. Try raw wood, grass cloth, rattan, straw and woven materials or natural-fibres like sisal and coir or even fabrics like linen and cotton.


Scents can make a huge difference to the ambience of the home. A great way to add Spring fragrance is through room sprays and scented candles. Think light and fresh when selecting your scents such as citrus, fruit, florals and plant inspired fragrances. Avoid any heavy or sensual fragrances which are best suited for the colder seasons – like sandalwood, bergamot, vanilla or cinnamon.

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