Tips to declutter your home for the New Year

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Tips to declutter your home for the New Year

A cluttered home can make you feel stressed and uneasy. Try our tips to a tidier home for a zen space that you will make you feel blissful.

Open your eyes to day-to-day clutter

When our home is cluttered and items are left hanging around, we become used to seeing these items and almost forget they are there. Take a good look at each of your rooms. Are there items there which don’t need to be? Many of these items simply may not have been put away, like loose change, keys and paperwork. Make a pile of all these items on your dining room table and go through them one by one, stash them away or throw them out.

Everything should have a place

If everything in your home doesn’t have a place then you are either severely lacking in storage space or you have way too much stuff. Invest in some decent storage and organization equipment – try Howard’s Storage World and IKEA. There are thousands of items on the market to improve organization – from magazine holders, to baskets and containers, to filing systems. Find a place for all the items you need to keep and store them neatly in those places. Once you have a system, you will find it so much easier to maintain a chic and neat home.

Focus on one room at a time

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the task of decluttering, simply focus on one room at a time. Start with key areas such as your wardrobe or closet and your pantry, then progress to the main living areas in your home. Your best approach is to start with the visible clutter and then work your way into the non-visible clutter, the stuff hidden in draws, cupboards, under the bed and so forth.

Sort items into 3 piles

There are usually 3 options you have when it comes to home clutter. Throw away or donate to charity, move to long term storage such as a storage cage or under house storage or organize it better. When you approach a room and look around it, ask yourself the following questions: What kind of clutter am I seeing? Could these items be thrown away or donated to charity? How could they be organized better? Are there any easy off-the-shelf solutions to make this clutter neater? Can I store this stuff off-site? Once you’ve established which pile the items fit into, the next steps seem less overwhelming.

Get help

There are many online resources to helping you maintain a decluttered stylish home these days.

Try the following blogs and websites:

How do you approach a spring clean or a declutter project? Give us your feedback below in the comments section.

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