Tidying Up Your Home With Marie Kondo

Tidying Up Your Home With Marie Kondo

If you are like us and you’ve gone KonMari crazy then you might have seen Marie Kondo’s awesome show on Netflix, ‘Tidying up with Marie Kondo’. Marie is an expert in tidying and she just loves mess! The new year is the perfect time to cleanse your home, clear out the clutter for a fresh start.

Who the heck is Marie Kondo?

Marie Kondo is the expert at decluttering, tidying and injecting new energy into your home, and she has become a phenomenon because her practices work!

The principal behind Marie’s cleaning and organising tips is to only surround yourself with items that “Spark Joy” which is not only practical but works on a psychological level for the homeowner.

The magic behind her movement is that once you have tidied up you only have left what you find essential or what you love to look at, in turn refreshing your personal space, and let’s face it – everyone gets a natural high after a good spring clean!

At Vault Interiors we also believe that having a tidy, neat, organised space, alongside showcasing items that are truly important to you can create a great atmosphere and a home that you want to spend time in. Of course, the trick is working out what ‘Sparks Joy’!

As Property Stylists all trinkets and items seem to spark joy, which can become a real occupational hazard. What we love about Marie is that she attaches no guilt or shame to holding onto your items. The process isn’t about getting rid of items that you love or that hold sentimental value it is about tidying up those items and establishing which items no longer serve you.
It is ok to keep things – if you love them. If you want proof, watch her show and witness how an organised home seems to organise people’s minds, moods and relationships overall!

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Here’s a handy summary of her top tips:

1. Gratitude and greeting
Marie greets each house she visits, giving thanks for the shelter it provides. The process allows her to show the owners of the home how to practise gratitude towards it and to define their intentions for their space and life they want to live.

2. Sort by category not location
Clothes are the first place to start, as these are the least sentimental items it is less overwhelming for the homeowner.

Marie gets the owner to take out all the clothes they have and place them on their bed, this lets them see the sheer volume of the clothes they own.

After this they will sort each item one-by-one into piles of ‘keep’ AKA ‘Spark Joy’ and ‘discard’ or ‘donate’ by also saying ‘thank you’ to the items for serving a purpose.

Next is to store them correctly, Marie demonstrates how to fold clothes properly so that they can stand up on their own. By storing items vertically, you can see exactly what you have, and it maximises storage space in your wardrobes and draws.

Using old boxes as separators and storage items is a fantastic idea to create more order and save on those exxy storage accessories. We won’t be throwing out any boxes any time soon!

3. Everything needs a place
The KonMari method has a very particular order, to allow the homeowner to process the change they are going through. After clothes, Marie tackles books, papers and miscellaneous items. Sorting into piles of ‘keep’ and ‘discard’ or storing in small boxes and containers so everything has a place.

The trick is to tackle items in this order and by category, not location – making the process less overwhelming. Once the items have been culled back and you can take stock of what you are working with you can design a storage system where everything has a place and isn’t just shoved into a random draw where it won’t be seen, used or may even get damaged.

4. Tackle sentimental items last
Finally, once the homeowner has practised the separation method and is used letting go of items – they can tackle the sentimental items such as photos, gifts and personal objects from family and friends.

By this stage of the process, you too will also be an expert in the art of decluttering, and hopefully feel lighter mentally as well. Tidying up can not only reconnect you with your space, but it can help you start to consider the way you will accumulate belongings in the future.

Marie’s method is said to also shift the energy of a space. By decluttering your environment, you can create a home where positivity can flourish. If you would like more tips on adding positive vibes to your home, check out our latest blog on Cleansing Negative Energy From Your Home.


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