The top 3 mistakes when styling for sale

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The top 3 mistakes when styling for sale

When it comes to styling your home for sale it pays to get a professional stylist and home stager involved. There are crucial elements that only an experienced property stylist can identify and resolve.

Stylists have an extensive range of furniture, linen, accessories, and art available to them as well as the advantage of styling experience. This can seriously impact how your home presents itself to buyers and the final result you receive for your property.

When presenting your property for sale ensure to avoid these big mistakes:

1. Getting furniture scale wrong

The most common error that people make when styling their homes for sale is selecting furniture that does not fit the room properly. Ensure you measure your rooms carefully and consider the functionality of the furniture in the space. An oversized sofa can make a living room feel much smaller and influence buyers’ perception of the space.

Similarly, if the furniture is too small it can make the room look and feel odd. For example, many people think that by placing a single bed in a bedroom it will make the room look bigger. Unfortunately, this is often not the case as buyers immediately perceive a room with a single bed as a single or children’s room. Always, put a double bed in a bedroom if you can fit it comfortably.

Property styling eastern suburbs

Property Styling by Vault Interiors, in Sydney’s Double Bay – Eastern Suburbs

2. Overlooking a quick and easy renovation

Many properties can be improved significantly with a simple cosmetic makeover. Depending on the size of the property a simple paint and re-carpet job can often be completed for between $10,000 and $15,000. Some vendors make the mistake of not looking at the big picture when it comes to cosmetic makeovers.

Whilst $10-$15k can seem like a lot of money to invest (and of course it is) in the whole scheme of things it is actually only a small percentage of the overall value or potential return on the property. Investing this money to give your place a quick spruce up could result in tens of thousands of dollars on auction day and potentially even more.

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Property Styling by Vault Interiors in Surry Hills – Inner City, Sydney

3. Over-accessorizing

Over-accessorizing can make a room feel cluttered and will distract buyers from looking at the property itself. When styling for sale the rule of thumb is to keep it simple. A few vases or votives, coffee table books, fresh flowers and ornaments will complete the room and make it feel homely.

Covering every surface with ornaments and picture frames is a big no-no as it makes the property feel chaotic. Remove personal photos from surfaces and walls and replace them with artwork. Risque or erotic art is also best to avoid, it may be your personal taste but it is not suitable for an open inspection as it will distract styling sydney

Remember you are selling a property, which is more than likely the most high-value item you will ever transact in your life. A little bit of extra effort to present the property well will go a long way on auction day. If you are unsure of what to do, ask your agent for advice – that is what they are there for.

Vault Interiors are property styling experts and have extensive experience is presenting homes for sale all over Sydney. Home staging is a great investment and will help you achieve a better result for the sale of your property – whether that be a faster sale or a higher sale price.

Contact Vault Interiors today for more information on property styling.

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