The Secrets to Downsizing

The Secrets to Downsizing

Wanting or needing to downsize may come about in many ways: the children may have moved out (hurray!) and you simply don’t need all that space. You might want to take the plunge and follow your dream of living by the sea, or you’d like to save more money to put towards other necessities, passions or lifestyle.

Whatever the reason may be, downsizing isn’t always the most painless process, however, done right, the transition can be the refreshing change you’ve been needing in your life. More importantly, working alongside an interior decorator can open your eyes to previously unknown possibilities – revitalizing your environment to improve your energy, inspiration, and happiness in your home. Here we have compiled our expert list to approach this process:

1. Declutter

This is the hardest step for most people, as items around the home usually hold a lot of sentimental value. That’s why we suggest a tactful approach to this –  rather than tackling this alone, it can be extremely helpful to have someone help you decide what to keep, discard or send along to someone else who is in greater need, all with much less emotional struggle that may lengthen the decluttering process. Be strict with yourself at this point, ensuring you only take along your “can’t live withouts” as too much stuff can certainly overwhelm a smaller home. Remember the best dressed often have the smallest closets. They edit their clothing and are more selective about what they buy and wear!

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2. Replace large furniture items

While we all may love our furniture, sometimes it is just so much easier to simply buy more affordable furniture in a new home than trying to fit it in where it just does not belong. This also has the added bonus of incorporating furniture that is more functional, stylish and creates more space in your new home! It’s all about creating a space that feels comfortable for you, as your home is your oasis from the stresses of modern day life, you need to make sure it is relaxing, uplifting and inspiring.


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3. Incorporates smart storage

Even after reducing the items in your home, you may still have a lot of “can’t live withouts” that don’t seem to fit. This is when you have to get creative – think furniture with nifty storage space, maximise nooks in your new home, try some incognito storage that is hidden from sight, or simply hire out an additional storage space if it cannot all fit.


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4. Enlist a stylist to get the max price for your family home

After living in a home for many years, it is an overwhelming process to consider moving out of that home and potentially even out of the area you have lived in for quite some time. One can often feel stuck in an old way of thinking, unable to see the potential of a revitalised space. A property stylist will help you think outside the box when it comes to your old home – we understand scale and proportion and are able to suggest how the property will best appeal to the buyer target market. By styling your property for sale you can achieve the best result for your old home, meaning you then have more flexibility in terms of your onward purchase. Downsizing can be an emotional process but with the help of a property stylist, you can ensure this process is one that has a happy ending for your humble oasis!


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Have you gone through the downsizing process? Was it challenging? Tell us below, we would love to hear from you!

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