The Minimalist Garden: How To Create More With Less

The Minimalist Garden: How To Create More With Less

Outdoor spaces are a desirable asset to any property. Make a statement in your alfresco area by following the principals of the minimalist garden. Create more with less and discover the benefits of simplifying your outdoor décor choices.

We reveal the importance of using clean lines to structure your space, why neutral colours create a calm outdoor atmosphere and the benefits of using low-maintenance flooring. In just a few simple steps, transform your garden into a clutter-free zone of peace and tranquillity.

Removing excess ornaments and furniture will ensure your outdoors are both stylish and functional. Just like decluttering your home, simplifying your garden is all styling with careful thought and intention.


No matter the size of your outdoors, a minimalistic garden design is all about structure. This means establishing clear boundaries, paths and zones to keep the area clearly organised.

Think about adding planters filled with lush greenery to line the periphery of your garden. These hedges will provide added privacy, plus offer a stunning natural backdrop to your space.

Be sure to use clean lines throughout your outdoors to give a sense of serenity and order. Arrange furniture, plants and lights in neat lines that emphasise symmetry and balance in your landscaping.

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The ultimate rule of minimalism is simplicity. Whether indoors or out, keeping to a neutral colour palette ensures your space appears coherent and stylish.

Choose pots, furniture and accessories in soft, muted shades that won’t compete with your garden’s greenery. Materials such as teak and acacia are perfect to create modern, minimalistic aesthetics and can be used in both fencing and furniture pieces.

In terms of plants, stick to no more than three species and repeat these strategically throughout your garden. Opt for evergreen varietals that provide year-round colour to keep your garden looking fresh and thriving.

Look at the functionality of your outdoor décor, and display tools that are both stylish and useful. For example, neatly hang rakes and vintage watering cans to transform these everyday items into an eye-catching feature. When it comes to creating a minimalistic garden, make every piece and styling addition count!

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Take away the stress of gardening by choosing easy care flooring. Rock lawns made from pebbles and stepping stones are a unfussy addition to any garden and require very little maintenance over time.

Consider adding paved walkways across grass areas to guide visitors around your outdoor spaces.  Want a no-maintenance grass alternative? Laying high-quality artificial grasses will ensure your garden appears vibrant and healthy all year round.

Image: Vault Interiors Property Styling

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