Textiles that Turn Down the Heat in the Aussie Summer

Textiles that Turn Down the Heat in the Aussie Summer

Humidity and hot temperatures can make indoor living during summer unbearable here in Australia. Of course fans and air-con will help reduce discomfort, but so can swapping out the main fabrics found in your home environment. This can really help increase airflow, reduce sweating and have an overall cooling effect.


Natural fibres like silk, cotton and linen are our expert picks to help create a cooler interior space. Consider swapping out fabrics on large surfaces such as your couch cover, window dressings, rugs and bed linen. Scatter cushions and throws made from manmade materials like nylon and rayon will also help reduce the heat and feel soft and cool to touch. Whilst winter is all about layering, summer is about stripping back and choosing lightweight, breathable textures, which will work better hotter seasons.2. IN WITH


Sometimes it’s worth swapping out a heavy rug for a more lightweight rug in the summer months. Cowhide rugs are a perfect choice for summer as they are very light and thin and tend to feel cool to the touch.  Depending on your floor material  – even rolling up the rug and storing it way completely can make a room feel cooler. Especially if you have timber or tile floors underneath. Raw material textured rugs such as sisal can also create a light breezy summer vibe visually, and they also breathe well being a natural material.


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Plantation shutters are great as they can control the levels of heat and light with a simple adjustment of the shutter. Also, instead of just standard roller blinds, opt for blinds with sun protection, these are made from light materials that come in a variety of colours. Roller blinds with sun protection are fantastic because they reduce heat penetration and protect your floors and furniture from sun fade. Visually, these blinds help to bring the outdoors in as they allow great viability, so if you have a nice summery outlook, they are the perfect solution.

Changing the curtains is also an easy update, instead of thick wintery block out curtains – swap for soft looking luxurious sheers for a calm and dreamy space. Cotton and linen sheers are great and have good air flow through the fabric. For a soft and calm and light environment select warmer colours like stone, beige or cream for a summery look.

sheer curtain example

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A lot of people forget that by switching out your doona from a winter weight to a summer weight can really help cool down your bed!  Also, the duvet covers and sheets are important. Natural fibres and blends that include cotton and linen will improve airflow and not trap the heat. Taking the time to make a bed with all the layers of bedding such as a fitted sheet and a flat sheet can be ideal – as sometimes it’s just too hot even for a duvet. A nice silky soft flat sheet will provide enough cover in the muggy nights.

The colour of your bedding can help you feel cooler too – try crisp whites, soft stone and light grey for a fresh and summery look. Take a cue from hotel design, in summer you’ll find they swap out heavy duvets and duvet covers for single bed coverlets instead. These tend to be much lighter weight but still have the soft plush look. Large throws in natural fibres or in silk can replace a duvet entirely also and look just as appealing.

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How are you managing the Australian heat? Tell us below, we would love to hear from you!

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