Our Guide to Picking Your Summer Palette Essentials

Our Guide to Picking Your Summer Palette Essentials

Are you curious about what colours are heating up the interior styling scene this summer? Wonder no more! With the weather heating up, make sure your property is looking just as hot by including some of these colours in your seasonal palette. While we are personally loving warm neutrals, muted lemons and mint tones, there are so many more options. Read on to find out our top five colours for the warm weather.

Warm neutrals

Steering towards neutral tones is a sure fire way to keep your house on trend without falling into fads. Known for their ability to take a more reserved role in styling, neutrals can be simply stunning when implemented effectively. This summer expect to see the rise of warmer neutrals taking centre stage. All neutrals are categorised as either warm or cool. Want to know how to identify them? Warm neutrals have red or yellow undertones, whereas blue-ish green hues are considered cool. Colours that fall into the must have bracket for summer include earthy tones such as bamboo, tan and sandstone.

Monochrome Magic

Monochrome doesn’t have to mean boring, especially when it comes to revamping your kitchen or bathroom. A common monochromatic mistake people make when styling is their lack of accents. By including the odd statement piece, such as a teal lamp, or dusky pink armchair, interest is instantly added to the aesthetic without sacrificing any sophistication.

Muted Lemon

If you’re looking to embrace the seasonal shift there is no better way to do it than by including some muted lemon tones to your interior. A great way to incorporate this vibrant hue is through accent pieces, such as candles, throws or pillows. If you are feeling a bit braver why not try a feature wall. If you want it to pop be sure to style it in areas of your living space that need some brightening up. Using yellow is a great way to capture natural light and highlight elements of your decor. Get creative and don’t shy away from having your space stand out.

Shades of Blue

With so many shades on offer there’s bound to be more than a couple that work well for your space. The best thing about blue, is it tends to come with very few styling faux pas. However, it is important to make note of the following. Blue works well in tropical climates because it loves sun and natural light, but use it sparingly in rooms that receive little natural light – it can make the space feel cold and gloomy.

Minty Fresh

Mint green is a favourite of ours, but it does take a practised eye to know when and where it works. As a rule of thumb, a little goes a long way with this colour. We believe that pairing it with dusky pinks, teals and coppers offer a romantic twist to your aesthetic. The best way to make the most of mint is through your linens. Layer mint sheets with grey pillows for a polished finish.


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