Styling Your Home For A Coastal Chic Look – Video

Styling Your Home For A Coastal Chic Look – Video

Our director and principal stylist, Justine Wilson, chats to the Sky News Real Estate team about the coastal chic styling trend and how to achieve this look in your home, in the most stylish way.


SN: Well, summer holiday has made you want to scatter seashells in your bathroom. Stay tuned. Justine Stedman (Wilson) joins us with her tips for chic, coastal style. It’s nautical but nice. Tell us. Tell us. Tell us. Justine welcome to our cave.

Justine Wilson: Thank you very much for having me. Lovely air conditioning in here today.

SN: Everybody loves the nautical style. I’ve never known anybody hasn’t said “Ah I don’t like nautical”

Justine Wilson: It has traditionally been very popular, and it’s really approachable, easy, relaxed style that everyone can do, and it’s never gone out of fashion. So that’s why it’s the style we love.

SN: And do you think? I mean, it doesn’t have to, you sort of think, “Ah, is it only for summer, or forgot a property buyer.”
Because it doesn’t have to be.

Justine Wilson: Not at all, because people do think it can be a little bit tacky, with nothing but starfish, but it doesn’t have to be. You can literally put it in any environment.

SN: Or green bottles hanging from necks.Or as our executive producer Kim Kind, says “shells in a jar. That’s all you need.”

Justine Wilson: We can make it really sophisticated, and that’s about embracing earthy textures, more modern colour palettes, and looking at some accent colours that aren’t just bright … You know, bright blue. We can see something different.

SN: What’s your key tip for the palette, the overall palette?

Justine Wilson: Well, the best way to start creating a coastal chic interior, is an overall palette. So you want to look at your flooring and your walls. So that could be taupe paint. It could be looking at your floorboards, and potentially washing them with a white wash stain is lovely, or nice top carpet.You want to keep it

You want to keep it neutral because that’s how we avoid that coastal chints, so you get more into sophisticated coastal.

SN:  Yeah. Those pictures are just-Mmm, mmm.

Justine Wilson: Yes, and they’ve got some lovely navies there again, which is crisp liven and navy is nautical, but it’s also sophisticated and lovely. It’s steering away from the more traditional light blue.

SN: I’m probably in love with navy. Navy and I are having a love affair at the moment.
So do you kind of like look at things on the beach, and sort of taking cues from that for colour?

Justine Wilson: Yes. Absolutely. So the best way to bring a coastal vibe inside is to look at the environment for inspiration. So, just a walk on the beach. You’ll notice the times are quite soft. So, soft sand colours taupe white linens, and then really soft watery blues. That’s kind of how you want to create that environment in palette inside.
So, here we’ve got some examples of beautiful wicker furniture, raw timber.

SN: All sandy, textural.

Justine Wilson: Exactly! Texture. Texture is very important. That’s kind of the next top tip. So, once you’re got your base palette quite neutral. The way to create the beautiful coastal style is texture, so that could be- Take your current sofa and look at the lovely linen slip cover. Look at layering cushions and throws, and things like that, that will give it that depth and welcoming relaxed vibe coastal style is known for. And then you also want to look at like sheer curtains, furniture that’s rubbed back. So raw timbers, white washing furniture is a great tool, and-

SN: Can you do that yourself?

Justine Wilson: Absolutely. That’s why it shouldn’t be- it’s such a great style for a room, because it’s affordable. You can take a lot of your existing pieces, and update them. So, looking at painting furniture white, and then, a little bit of sand paper just to get that distressed look that’s very coastal, and very easy- Anyone can do it if you don’t mind a bit of dust.

SN: Ah yeah, exactly. Give it a bit of a rubdown.

Justine Wilson: Exactly, and you can do that with existing furniture. And then you might just want to get one or two key investment pieces, which will tailor it all together, like a big sizable rug; inexpensive and beautiful. You can get them at Freedom, IKEA, etc.

SN: What’s the rug texture, would you begin with?

Justine Wilson: I love that really- Like either a woollen rug, or that lovely sisel material. So that really earthy, almost wheat grass texture. It’s very much like the environment around the ocean. It’s easy to maintain, and when you’ve got the coastal interior, it shouldn’t be … You shouldn’t feel like you can’t comfortably sit and relax. It should be kid/dog-friendly and have a holiday vibe, so …

SN: Real life art.

SN: Oh, are these your pictures here looking at now?

Justine Wilson: Yes they are. This is a project we did for a client, and this summarises the coastal style because we’ve got the layering principle there. We’ve got the texture of the beautiful wheat grass wallpaper-

SN: Yes! It’s like, that’s fantastic.
That’s so in now. It’s beautiful.

Justine Wilson: And you know what? It’s actually been around for forever.

SN: Yes, since the 50s.

Justine Wilson: Yeah, it has-

Justine Wilson: It is timeless, and if you ever move away from coastal style, it’ll work in a number of different environments.

SN: Does it actually have texture?

Justine Wilson: Yes, absolutely. It’s basically made up from a grass paper substitute. So it’s very … It should be a bit raw and earthy. That’s what it’s all about.
And the same principle is taken up in the lamps. We’ve got that lovely wheat look shade.
On the bed, we’ve got several throws, so wheat colours, the lovely deep blue. The thing about coastal style is, obviously the ocean’s ever changing colours. It’s not just bright. You’ve got the moody tones, and we’ve picked up a few of those colours in that, with the soft cushions, navy. So you’ve got..

SN: As you were saying before, this palette would look gorgeous in Winter.

Justine Wilson: Oh, absolutely.

SN: Absolutely gorgeous.

SN: Yes.

Justine Wilson: And you just go a bit darker, so even the cushion you’re holding there.
It’s quite raw and edgy.

SN: Rugged.

Justine Wilson: And, that’s when Modern Coastal really comes into it, because-

SN: Strip soft.

Justine Wilson: It doesn’t have to be…

SN: On the flip side.

Justine Wilson: Exactly.

Justine Wilson: And we love cushions that are interchangeable. You should be able to play around with it different times, different seasons. And that’s where the colour palette having navies, watery tones, not just bright blue, will make it year round.

SN: That is a nice blue.

Justine Wilson: More lovely textures here. So, when you’re decorating, the accents are really important.

SN: Where would you find that, though?

Justine Wilson: Oh, everywhere.

SN: Really?

Justine Wilson: One thing about Coastal Style that’s great, is you can take a lot of found objects. So if you are at the beach, and you find some driftwood or some shells, yes we can put them in a jar. But then it’s incorporating them with more modern elements. So, little hurricane vases.

Justine Wilson: We do have some beautiful coral because of a few nods to those real earthy elements.

SN: Yeah. Is that real? Coral? Or is it just foam?.

Justine Wilson: This is actually just a fake, a foam.

SW: But you get in trouble if you have the real coral.

Justine Wilson: Yes.

SN: People give you a hard time.

Justine Wilson: True, and you can get some beautiful foam pieces like this.

SN: Yeah.

Justine Wilson: These are all very affordable. Again, the main furniture retail stock them. And then it’s about layering the different textures and those neutral colours

SN: It’s the rope. You know, you’ve just come off the yacht.

Justine Wilson: Exactly.

Justine Wilson: It’s not as obvious as putting a boat, or on the wall. However, it’s giving you that same nod to the environment.

SN: Yeah.

SN: Now we’ve got another- some more pictures of designs that you’ve done, of styling that you’ve done.

Justine Wilson: So this was a client project we did, and it was a beautiful coastal environment. So, everything there is very raw and rustic. We have the, weathered timber shelves. A bit of an industrial element, which feels a bit like a wharf, and makes it quite modern.

SN: Yeah. Yeah.

SN: Oh?

Justine Wilson: And then we’ve got lots of wood chopping boards and canisters. It’s not impractical. Not just the shelves and a jar, it’s kind of taken those earthy elements, and displaying them in a way that’s creating a beautiful nod to the environment.

SN: And I guess, the white, the sort of offed-white, that it’s. Yeah.

Justine Wilson: It’s all about the base. If you’ve got that crisp taupe or off-white, and you have those wooden textures, especially if they’re white washed walls, sit beautifully. And then, it’s just a few soft, subtle blues, and little earthy tones there.

SN: I see green. That lovely sea green. Did you have a wrap as well, which is that sea green?

Justine Wilson: Well, it’s a throw

Justine Wilson: It’s greeny taupe that has the same lovely texture

SN: It’s gorgeous.

Justine Wilson: And if you lay that on a sofa or a bed- Instant coastal.

SN: It’s even wavy.

Justine Wilson: That’s what it’s about, drawing inspiration from the elements without being so obvious, as just a life boy on the wall, or … Those type of things.

CN: Where would that come from? Is that something you can pick up at Target?

SN: Oh, it’s so soft.

Justine Wilson: Oh, this was, I think it was from Freedom

Justine Wilson: Potentially Kas, But it’s beautiful.

SN: Large retailers have them.

Justine Wilson: Oh absolutely.

SN: Yeah.

Justine Wilson: And they are inexpensive. And especially with cushions covers, you can recover existing cushions.

SN: Just get the cover, not the cushion.

Justine Wilson: That’s right, it doesn’t have to be expensive, so.

SN: Yeah. Cause I feel like this is seldom as one whole-

SN: Yeah.

SN: that you can say, yeah, yeah.

Justine Wilson: Yeah, absolutely. There’s a fantastic place we go to in Alexandria; Kas- They have a lot of cushion covers you can buy. Or you can generally craft things like that. You can actually make your own there. Pretty straightforward, if you’re into a bit of DIY.

SN: What?

SN: That would require sewing.

SN: What’s that?

Justine Wilson: Yes.

Justine Wilson: Unique gift.

SN: Exactly.

SN: You know, you say they’re silver too. You don’t have to just go with the taupe and the navies. But, it’s good to get a bit of …

Justine Wilson: A bit of a pop of glam.

SN: Yeah.

Justine Wilson: It’s my style and preference. I like a little bit of bling in every interior. I think it-

SN: Yeah.

Justine Wilson: It’s what creates that modern- It gives it that sophisticated edge. So, beautiful big hurricane lamps, are a great way to look like that Hampton’s look. Don’t cost a fortune, or silver bowls on a table with-

Justine Wilson: again, some of the more raw elements. But, it’s a nice modern contrast.

SN: Yeah.

Justine Wilson: The other thing, silver candles. Looking at silver cushions along with the soft blues, that’s beautiful.

SN: Now it’s been gorgeous. Thank you so much.

SN: Fabulous ideas

Justine Wilson: It’s my pleasure.

SN: Keep your holiday all year round-

Justine Wilson: Exactly.

SN: That holiday.

Justine Wilson: And especially in this heatwave, bring the outdoors, and you can enjoy it that way.

SN: Yeah.

SN: It’s so classic.

SN: It’s really a lovely-

SN: It’s lovely.

SN: It is. It’s a beautiful look.

Justine Wilson: Thank you.

SN: Thank you so much, Justine.

SN: Thank you, Justine.

Justine Wilson: My pleasure. Always good fun.

SN: That was fantastic. Thank you so much.

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