Styling Your Home For A Coastal Chic Look – Video

Styling Your Home For A Coastal Chic Look – Video

Our director and principal stylist, Justine Wilson, chats to the Sky News Real Estate team about the coastal chic styling trend and how to achieve this look in your home, in the most stylish way.


SN: Well, summer holiday has made you want to scatter seashells in your bathroom. Stay tuned. Justine Stedman (Wilson) joins us with her tips for chic, coastal style. It’s nautical but nice. Tell us. Tell us. Tell us. Justine welcome to our cave.

Justine Wilson: Thank you very much for having me. Lovely air conditioning in here today.

SN: Everybody loves the nautical style. I’ve never known anybody hasn’t said “Ah I don’t like nautical”

Justine Wilson: It has traditionally been very popular, and it’s really approachable, easy, relaxed style that everyone can do, and it’s never gone out of fashion. So that’s why it’s the style we love.

SN: And do you think? I mean, it doesn’t have to, you sort of think, “Ah, is it only for summer, or forgot a property buyer.”
Because it doesn’t have to be.

Justine Wilson: Not at all, because people do think it can be a little bit tacky, with nothing but starfish, but it doesn’t have to be. You can literally put it in any environment.

SN: Or green bottles hanging from necks.Or as our executive producer Kim Kind, says “shells in a jar. That’s all you need.”

Justine Wilson: We can make it really sophisticated, and that’s about embracing earthy textures, more modern colour palettes, and looking at some accent colours that aren’t just bright … You know, bright blue. We can see something different.

SN: What̵