7 tips for styling with flowers this season

Styling Orchids

7 tips for styling with flowers this season

It may seem like a small detail but fresh flowers will brighten up any room and look beautiful at the same time. When presenting your house for sale a fresh bouquet can make the property look and feel even more enticing.

1. Beware of pollen – Avoid lilies or flowers with strong pollens for open houses as some people are allergic to them, they can also be very messy. Simple white roses, hydrangeas or tulips are gorgeous low-maintenance blooms.

2. Placement is key – Strategically place a few vases around your home, choose positions that will enhance the welcoming feeling. Key positions are near the entrance to the home or on a dining or coffee table, but a small arrangement can add sophistication in a bathroom or study as well.

3. Be On-Trend – Soft natural colours, lush greens, bright whites and lots and lots of foliage are popular at the moment. If you want to go for a pop of colour, orange and coral tones are our pick.

4. Buy Local – We find locally sourced flowers tend to last longer. Try your local farmer’s market or grocery store for a reasonably priced bunch.

5. Be Seasonal – Always buy flowers that are in season as they will last longer, are brighter in colour and look fresher and more alive. November is a great month for flowers as you can find stunning florals like peonies, arum lilies and garden roses.

6. Try different vases – Experiment with different sizes and shapes of vases and test the posy in the vase before chopping any excess length off the ends.

7. Tie in with your overall look – Match your flowers with your home’s décor. For Minimalist, Industrial or Scandinavian styles, native flowers work well. Classic Modern and sophisticated looks work in nicely with water lilies and orchids. Period homes are well suited to larger florals like hydrangeas and roses; while white flowers like daisies and baby’s breath or green foliage are great for coastal designs.

What are your favourite flowers to style with? Comment below, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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