Styling Dos And Don’ts All Agents Should Know

Styling Dos And Don’ts All Agents Should Know

The way a property is styled can make a major difference to the final price that it sells for; it could increase the property sale price by tens of thousands of dollars! But it’s not as simple as adding a few chairs here and there and throwing a rug on the floor. Property styling requires detail, precision and an eye for what works with a room. We give you a lowdown on the dos and don’ts of styling a property for sale.



We mean SPOTLESS, there should be no dust on any surface, the floor should be free of specks and the fridge free of fingerprints; hire a cleaner if you need to. Prospective buyers will forgive an ageing home, but not a dirty one! Agents ensure you bring a towel or have a mop handy on rainy days to avoid buyers walking dirt and mud through the entrance of the property – first impressions matter!


This can be done by simply turning dead space into a study nook or creating a secondary living space – this will add value in a potential buyer’s eyes. When a property is presented empty it is difficult for buyers to visualise the potential of a home.

Pro tip: Put the largest size bed possible into bedrooms, to convince buyers that they can fit that double or queen bed in the room.

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When staging a home for sale make sure that it appeals to the demographic that you are marketing to. Appropriate furniture and accent colours can be used to enhance the property’s appeal to a certain buyer demographic. Downsizers may like a home presented in a more neutral palette, whereas a young executive couple may prefer a more designer edge with bolder accent colours.


Utilise any natural light that is present within a home. This will make the space feel more open, fresh and inviting to prospective buyers. Other small touches such as lighting scented candles (an easy addition to your open house kits), turning all the bedside and table lamps on and making sure the window dressings are open to maximise natural light, will all add to the property’s ambience and help to forge a positive impression in buyers’ minds.

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Fill a space with enough furniture that prospective buyers can imagine themselves in the home, but not so much that they struggle to personalise the space. Too much clutter can be off-putting and make a space seem smaller than it is.


Your vendors might love the picture of the family on holidays in Europe, but others will not. Replace any personalised pictures for neutral pieces of art and décor. Allow the prospective buyer to imagine their family in the home, not the current owners. This can be an awkward conversation to have with your vendor but it’s very important, introduce a stylist who can tactfully approach the topic whilst highlighting the value that can be added to the home.



If the home has been occupied for a long time, the owner may have grown used to, and maybe even a little fond of, the small crack in the corner of the wall in the bathroom, but prospective buyers will not see it as reminiscent of a memory. Advise your vendor to fix any obvious cracks inside the house, in the concrete outside and on the exterior of the property which might turn off a buyer.


If a home is completely vacant, a stylist may be asked to furnish only key areas or rooms such as the master bedroom, lounge and dining area. Neglecting other areas of the property such as the bathroom, outdoor area, or smaller bedrooms could be the difference in a buyer’s interest or even dismissal of a property. This approach can really work against the property because half of the property is presented beautifully.

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