The Ultimate Guide To Stress-Free Entertaining

The Ultimate Guide To Stress-Free Entertaining

The holiday season is all about getting the family together. From BBQs to pool parties, the options are endless when it comes to summer entertaining. But for many, the thought of hosting can be a daunting prospect.

Take the anxiety out of your next social gathering by following our ultimate guide to stress-free entertaining! We explain why preparation is key, how to maximise flow between spaces in your home and what simple touches you can add to set a warm and inviting mood for your guests!


One of the biggest hurdles for hosts is encountering the unexpected when entertaining. Be sure to plan and arrange your space in advance to ensure you have ample room to accommodate your guests.

Consider things like where kids will play and where adults can congregate and chat. Allow for extra last-minute visitors with flexible seating such as benches and stackable chairs.

Create zones in your entertaining spaces to serve specific purposes. Buffet-style serving stations and bar areas will encourage guests to quickly disperse throughout your entertaining areas.

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As the host, you want to be able to enjoy social gatherings as much as your guests! Shy away from arranging complex events and formal dinner parties that require huge amounts of time and effort, particularly during the busy festive season.

Be strategic with food options, think about your kitchen and select dishes that best suit your space. If you’ve got minimal bench space, opt for fuss-free salads and platters of fruits, cheese, dips and bread to avoid spending the day slaving over the stove.

For those lacking counter space, alleviate the pressure of feeding the masses by inviting each guest to bring along a plate. This is a fun and interactive way of ensuring everyone leaves the day well-fed!

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Alfresco roaming is essential for those with outdoor entertaining spaces. Open all doors and walkways to encourage guests to flow between indoors and out, and hang fairy lights to illuminate patios and courtyard spaces.

Design the layout of your entertaining spaces to make visitors feel at home. Arranging chairs in circles or around tables in a great way to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Keep the day relaxing with casual seating options such as lounge chairs and bean bags. For those with a lawn, place picnic blankets and pillows in shaded spots to give guests the ability to recline throughout the day.

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Entertaining is all about gathering your loved ones together. Forget trying to create the perfect dinner party and let go of the pressure to have everything looking ‘just right’.

Open curtains and shutters to allow ample natural light, and burn scented candles and essential oils to fill rooms with fresh fragrance. Think about making a playlist of your favourite songs to play as background music, the perfect way to create a vibrant atmosphere for your visitors.

At the end of the day, social gatherings are about creating memories with your nearest and dearest. With these tips and a positive attitude, you’re guaranteed to become an entertaining pro in no time!

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