Styling Your Home for Spring

Styling Your Home for Spring

It’s time to put away the fuzzy slippers and cozy throws, because spring is just around the corner! As it’s the season of new life and fresh starts, what better time than now to bring a renewed energy to our homes? There’s no better time to dust off your favourite floral digs, open the windows and let that fresh air in. Our favourite season of the year is all about fresh and bright homes, and bringing the outdoors in.

But spring styling isn’t always easy. While the winter chill is in the past, summer hasn’t struck just yet! So, remember to use furniture that will transition well across all the seasons. Want to know what the Vaultsters recommend? Read on for our favourite seasonal styling tips.

Go green

It’s a no brainer that a flower arrangement is a springtime staple. Not only are they a cost effective accessory, but they can be added to any space with ease. Take this tip a step further with some beautiful vases to hold your blooms, and botanical themed wallpaper, throws and cushions. The best part about patterns is that a little can go a long way. Add a feature piece or two but steer clear of becoming too matchy-matchy!











Strip it back

Love your layers during winter? You’re not alone, but it’s time to ditch the thick woollen throws. At least until next year! Instead embrace, the airy, fresh feeling of lighter linen sheets. It is amazing the transformation that pale yellow and creamy white sheets can have on your bedroom. Say goodbye to warm and woolly, and look towards a brighter, lighter living space.

Sweet aesthetic

The colour palette of the season: gelato! And it’s as sweet as it sounds. What is a gelato colour scheme? Think icy blue, lavender, soft rose, mint and pistachio green accented with touches of grey and cream. But don’t overdo it! Look for statement pieces and try to stick to furniture with sleek metallic frames. This is a great way to counterbalance the bright colours.










Luxe life

When people talk about luxe finishes such as marble and velvet, many assume they are for winter only. While jewel-toned, darker velvets are certainly not a spring style, swap out these colours for pastel, creamy palettes but keep the texture. Petite velvet cushions, armchairs and couches in blush pink, or a soft green will help you enter spring with elegance. Marble is a crowd pleaser, and a seasonal shapeshifter! Whether you choose a crisp white or veiny black, dressing down the aesthetic with simple furnishings can pare back the look, making it perfect for spring.

Artisanal elements

The warmth and authenticity of organic, imperfect handmade finishes continue to dominate the interior styling scene season after season. Look for ceramic plates, jugs and vases to double as abstract works of art. These pieces can make a space feel more homely and polished with little effort on your part. Try to stick to earthy tones to truly nail this aesthetic.










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