How To Style Your Shelves

How To Style Your Shelves

If you’re a long-time Vault follower, then you’ll know that we love nothing more than a beautifully styled shelf. It can be quite a conundrum trying to decide which of your (many) trinkets to display, but with a few of our tips and tricks your own shelfie will go from drab to fab in no time!

Set A Scene

When it comes to styling shelves the most eye-catching and successful ones often have consistency, without trying too hard. Instead of opting for items that are all the same colour or size, try creating a thematic link. When done effectively the result is a visual story that adds a unique and personal touch to the space. Some great examples would be featuring trinkets from a recent holiday next to a framed picture from your trip. Another option could be putting some family heirlooms on display, next to some of your favourite personal photos.













Style By The Book

Everyone knows that books and shelves go hand in hand, but to make the most of your reading material try showcasing it in new and exciting ways. Consider colour blocking your books or clustering them in groups on various shelves. We particularly love stacking larger books two to four high, and vertically leaning smaller ones anchoring them with decorative bookends.
















Splashes Of Green

Placing a few small plants like an edgy succulent or a bright bouquet of flowers can take your shelves to the next level. Not only will they liven up your living room, but there’s nothing like a pop of colour from sweet smelling flora to incorporate some natural beauty into your home. Don’t be afraid to beyond the limits of your shelf. Place a draping plant on the edge of a shelf and let it cascade to the shelves beneath it.

Get Artsy

Shelves don’t have to just be for books or storage, utilise the space as a display of your artistry! Place feature art or photography in beautiful ornate frames, making sure to vary the size of the pieces for added interest. To make them even more visually appealing don’t lie them against the wall. Instead opt to have them leaning with smaller works in clustered groups, with larger pieces spaced further away. Experiment with the orientation of the pieces: some landscape and others portrait. This will add depth and dimension as the variations in height will make the décor more effortlessly elegant.













Keep The Balance

The secret to creating a sense of balance, whilst keeping your shelves playful, is to tinker until it suits your vision. But for some helpful hints to get you started always think about the height, style, size and material of your objects. If you have some items you love, before you start positioning them try to group them according to these elements. Once you’ve established which items are similar try to spread their distribution. This will help your shelves steer clear of looking over cluttered in some spaces, and sparse in others.


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