Presentation hacks to set up your open home in 5 minutes

Presentation hacks to set up your open home in 5 minutes

For all the busy real estate agents out there, we know your Saturdays are flat out racing from open home to open home.

Our presentation hacks will help you to make your listings look fab for open homes in under 5 minutes.

Talk to the vendor or tenant about presentation in advance

Focus on these key items:

  • Clean and tidy – if the home warrants it, recommend a professional cleaner come through the day before the open house
  • Declutter – Ask the resident to stash trinkets to avoid breakages
  • Create a presentation checklist – A checklist for your vendors could really boost presentation on the day of the open
  • Suggest fresh flowers – they always look lovely at property inspections and give a welcoming feeling to prospective buyers – More about styling with flowers.
  • Recommend property styling – When you style a property for sale you can rest assured that the presentation is going to be amazing and the property will be showcased to its full potential

Flowers Property Styling

Image: Vault Interiors

Beef up your open home kit

Include the following items in your open home kit to enhance presentation:

  • A small scented candle with a lid – Set the mood and help eliminate any odours. Ecoya and Glasshouse have a delicious range of pint-sized scents.
  • Invest in a luxury room spray – A good quality room spray will give a luxurious aroma which is much nicer than a cheap supermarket air freshener. We recommend Jo Malone scent surround room sprays or Diptyque Paris room sprays.
  • A fully charged iPod and portable Bluetooth speaker – Presentation is not just about what you see it is about what you feel. Preload an iPod with a specific playlist for your open homes. Go for soothing tunes on a low volume which will set the mood and make your buyers feel at ease.

Diptyque room spray

Image: Mecca Cosmetics

Focus on light and airflow

  • Open all curtains and blinds
  • Open any windows and balcony doors to invite buyers to look around the outdoor areas
  • Turn on all the lights including lamps, even during the day

Property Styling Bowral

Image: Vault Interiors, Property Styling Exeter

The devil is in the detail

Getting presentation right is all about the little things. When you only have 5 minutes to set up an open home focus on these items for detail:

  • Opening all the doors in the property
  • Turn on the A/C or heater – room temperature should be about 22 degrees
  • Close all the toilet seats
  • Fluff any saggy looking cushions on the sofas and beds
  • Shut all wardrobe and kitchen cabinet doors

Property Styling Surry Hills

Image: Vault Interiors, Property Styling Surry Hills

Divide and Conquer

If you have an assistant or co-agent working with you have a plan and set key responsibilities to set up the open home before you arrive at the property. One person could set up the brochures, music, candles etc. whilst the other whips around the property setting up the rooms.

What tips do you have for setting up your open houses? Leave a comment below, we’d love to hear from you.

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