How To Style Your Rugs

How To Style Your Rugs

Any stylist worth their salt will tell you that a rug can make or break the styling of a room. From making a statement to defining a zone, a rug is a stylist’s best friend for bringing all the elements of a room together. We’ve put together our top tips for styling with a rug to make your room look more fabulous.

Size matters

If you are interested in styling a rug for a larger room such as your living or dining area, make sure to measure the space. This is because a large floor rug works best when it is around 3 feet shorter (in length and height) to the dimensions of the room. These bare edges help frame the space which increases the size of the room. If placing a rug under a dining table accommodate from the chairs too, both tucked in and pushed out. If in doubt bigger is always better. Don’t choose a rug that it is too small for the space, as it can be the difference between pulling your space together – or not. Let the room orientation be your guide when deciding which way to have the rug running. In a long room, it is best to place a rug lengthways.



Switch it up

Embrace colour and trends by switching out rugs and pillows to update a room for changing seasons. Afterall, replacing a rug is a great opportunity to freshen up your living space and give it a completely new feel, so don’t be afraid to try some of the new hot colours for the new decade. We’ve seen a lot of popularity for earthy tones such as burnt orange, red and blush pink shades. But new on the scene is the rise in popularity for colours like mustard, tan, navy and teal. Be even bolder with a real pop of colour, such as a soft mauve, indigo or summery terracotta.


Think ahead

If you don’t want to spend countless hours vacuuming, cleaning and telling the kids to be careful of the rug our suggestion is to avoid problem colours in high traffic areas. This means saying no to white, cream, beige or any lighter hues for you dining room and living room rugs. It will be no fun having a stubborn stain ruining your rug. So, trust us on this one, white rugs in family homes are a ticking time bomb, particularly if you have a young family or a pet. Spend more time enjoying your rug, and less time vacuuming it. However, these rugs can look super chic in other, quieter areas.

Under the surface

The floor itself plays a major role in the colour scheme that works best for your room. Are you considering a rug for lighter, more modern timber flooring? Then darker rugs will pop much more effectively in this space. Our personal pick, a navy and grey patterned rug. If you have more traditional warmer toned timber then brighter, richer colours will be the ideal fit. Think muted reds and deep greens.


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