Refreshing The Heart Of The Home – The Kitchen

Refreshing The Heart Of The Home – The Kitchen

The most loved, used and functional space in the home is the kitchen. No matter the use, it has been named the heart of the home by owners and designers alike. Whether you call yourself a chef or not, your kitchen area is the busiest, most functional, and favourite spot for many. For these exact reasons, we say “new year, new kitchen!” .


How do you cook and entertain? Your answer will impact your selection of cabinetry, detailing and handles. If you are going for a modern, low maintenance look, stick to sleek options for cupboard handles with a more a streamlined effect. If you are a very creative cook, a free-standing island may not be your best option as this will consolidate your cooking mess to one area.

But, perhaps a consolidated mess is what you would prefer in your kitchen? If you are not big on cooking, you can invest in higher maintenance finishes that have big visual impact – like marble countertops. Take note of how you use your space and what elements you prefer when putting a list of your priorities together.

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We predict a comeback of stainless steel bench tops in a variety of textures as well as tiled counter tops reminiscent of country-style homes. These will come back with a modern twist for an updated feel on the older style. Get to know your materials for your bench tops; natural stone is gorgeous but is very pricey and not something we wouldn’t recommend for a bustling family.

Engineered stone and marble work well with both modern and classic tone kitchens, and if a rustic-style or an industrial look is what you are hoping to achieve – timber is what you should be going for.

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When deciding on counter tops think neutrals and earthy tones. You are less likely to want to change this in future, and changing this can become difficult and costly. Mixed with deeper cabinetry options for a dramatic feel is a contrast you will want to achieve. Think interesting hardware with bronze, brass and metal making a comeback. Adding these with beautiful detail can create a custom look and can be updated with a future change of heart.


A servery window will create an alfresco area and is a great option for extending the space, perfect for summer entertainment. You can also achieve this look by continuing the counter material externally which will make it visually cohesive.

You could even create a study nook in an unused corner of the kitchen or a butlers kitchen will add valuable function and storage to the room.

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An overall neutral colour palette in your kitchen allows for some fun with funky appliances such as Smeg fridges, Delonghi kettles and toasters. Inject colour and personality through feature pendant lights and accessories to create that impact in your fresh, new kitchen.

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