Presentation essentials for selling a property

Presentation essentials for selling a property

We’ve styled thousands of properties around Sydney and seen many homes go under the hammer. It’s fair to say we’ve seen it all when it comes to property presentation! It’s no secret that getting presentation right for a sales campaign can make a significant difference to the outcome of that sale.

From an insider’s perspective, here are the most important things vendors should focus on when presenting a property for sale:

  • Decluttering – For best results remove excess furniture and decorative items. Too many items such as photo frames and figurines can make a property feel small and cramped, and will distract buyers from focusing on the property itself.
  • Concealing day-to-day items – Laundry, piles of paperwork, dishes, keys and garbage should all be concealed in a cupboard or removed from the property entirely. Try to keep all surfaces clear of day-to-day items for your open for inspections.
  • Keeping it clean – It is imperative that a property is immaculately clean on open days, and we’re talking the kind of clean that no normal person can possibly maintain on a long-term basis. It may helpful to employ a professional cleaner who will also provide a fresh eye in the property and pick up on things that the resident may not have noticed.
  • Preparing in advance – When possible, set up the property well in advance by opening all curtains and blinds, turning on heating or air conditioning, opening balcony doors and windows and turning on lights and lamps – this will allow the property to feel light and airy by the time the buyers arrive.
  • Adding the finishing touches! – Make buyers feel welcome by adding a bunch of fresh flowers and by burning a scented candle or two.

Vault Interiors specialises is staging homes for sale, a professional stylist’s touch when presenting a property for sale can achieve amazing results.

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