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A Holiday Hideaway In Little Akaloa

The ever-changing beauty of the bay of Little Akaloa in New Zealand made for the perfect backdrop to this family home.

With the idea of a relaxed and casual coastal feel to the décor, the clients also wanted an upmarket feel allowing the furnishings to sit well with the finishes of the overall build. Alongside this, echoing the stunning surrounding natural environment was key to the design. The interior details have the right mix of approachable comfortable style, contrasted with a hint of glamour and wow factor to help elevate the overall space and capture the grandeur of the external architecture.

The key to designing this interior was to reference the natural colour palette and allow it to work with the changing seasons. Pops of all the accents colours were introduced and layered – no matter the season, the interior would compliment and reflect the natural surrounds.

All the furniture items were durable and easy to maintain with the rug specifically designed with indoor/outdoor material that can be mopped. The armchairs were custom made with Westbury’s range of indoor/outdoor fabric meaning they are easy to clean and can withstand the muddy paws of their 3 loving dogs.

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