Best Heat-Resistant Indoor Plants

Best Heat-Resistant Indoor Plants

Are your indoor plants looking a little gloomy lately? Don’t worry, it’s not you! Spring may be the season of new life, but some species are more suited to warmer weather than others! Staying green all year round can be a challenge. But never fear, we are here to help you turn your home into a leafy paradise this spring. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite houseplants that thrive even when temperatures start soaring. The best part… most require little care or attention! If you haven’t got your hands on these plants yet, head to your nearest garden centre as soon as possible.











A plant hitting the interior styling scene by storm is the effortlessly chic succulent. While the colourful blooms tend to be most in favour lately, if you’re looking for a plant than can stand the heat and look good while doing it, this green variety has your name all over it. These beauties naturally store moisture in their thick, sturdy leaves. Make sure to place it near a window, or somewhere it is exposed to an abundance of natural light. Their resilient nature means watering it once a week does the trick, sometimes even every two weeks if you are looking to push it!

Devil’s Ivy

A popular choice often for their beauty, they are as resilient as they are beautiful. Wilting is not a worry with these plants – they require very little watering and tend to thrive when their soil is given time to dry out occasionally. They can adapt to low levels of light, and don’t need to be in direct sunlight to spring to life this season. A fun fact about these aesthetic beauties: their bigger leaves also transpire, releasing excess water into the air, cooling themselves and the surrounding environment. So, get yourself one of these and humidity in your home won’t be an issue anymore.











Watering your plants is a task that can go neglected so easily. But the best thing about cacti is that you are better off under-watering them: resist from showering them with too much love. With a large range of colours, shapes and sizes there’s a cacti for everyone’s tastes! If you’re looking to keep a cacti happy, find it a warm, brightly lit spot where it can bask in natural sunlight. Watering them once a month is more than acceptable.

Jade Plants

While they are technically a variant of succulent, we couldn’t resist giving these beautiful plants a little additional spotlight. These South African natives are born survivors. Able to withstand a variety of harsh environments, they have tolerance against the heat and cold. Don’t worry if the leaves start turning red! This is a common occurrence and isn’t a cause for concern.










Aloe Vera

Extremely tough and even more giving, this plant is more than just décor. Aloe Vera gel is a great natural remedy for numerous medicinal concerns. With the ability to treat minor burns, scrapes and even sunburn it’s not surprising this plant is very hard to kill. Essentially, give it some sunlight and make sure to water it occasionally and there you have it, a thriving pot plant!


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