House Hunting With Pets

House Hunting With Pets

It can be a difficult task searching for your dream home, especially when you need to keep in mind the needs of your furry friend. When looking for a new home with pets, it’s important to make the time to see what works best with your lifestyle and your pets needs. There are many factors to keep in mind while on the search; is there green space or an outdoor area? Is it easy for them to escape? Would they be able to bark at passerbys or is there a private courtyard?

Floorboards or scratch-city?

Most people tend to worry about their pets scratching their floorboards, though they are essentially great and practical. Floorboards are much easier to clean and mop compared to carpet which can be a nightmare to spot clean. Engineered wood flooring, also known as ‘floating floors’ is a fantastic option for pet’s. If the wood floors are softer, ensure that your pets’ toenails are regularly clipped to avoid potential damage.



















Not the couch…

Protecting furniture and costly staple pieces can be a simple task without throwing manky rugs over everything. If you’re given the choice, velvet, leather or textured fabrics are the best option to assist in concealing stains or minor damage. It is also highly recommended to use Scotchguard to protect your sofa. To take additional precautions, sheepskin fur throw overs can be a homey yet chic piece to neatly fit in with the aesthetic of the sofa. To add the final finishing touches, a few statement scatter cushions are a must to tie in the homes tones and general aesthetic. Not only are they stylish but cushions are a fantastic way to protect the sofas backing and you’ll find your pet usually prefers to sit on them rather than the sofa itself.





















Staircase or hazard?

Timber stairs can be an issue for some pets as they may struggle with gripping themselves and slipping. Carpet stairs are ideal to reduce any unwanted accidents. Though if you have no choice in the matter, removable stair treads, either rubber or plastic can assist with grip and avoiding slips. Most animals can navigate the stairs though it is wise to take precautions if your pet suffers from muscle inflammation or joint issues. In this case make sure your pet has their own space on the lower level where they feel comfortable.


















No backyard or green space?

Stuck in the metro and have no green space? It is a fair compromise if a house doesn’t have a big backyard but is walking distance to local parks and beaches. As long as you have a solution for your pet to relieve themselves; astro turf, grass boxes or pee pads are some convenient options. In some cases, it may only take a few small tweaks or adjustments to fully transform your home to the ideal living space for you and your pet. Installing Perspex to cover gates where your pet could easily fit through is something to keep in mind, as well as having fresh grass delivered to your pet friendly unit. This can be a great alternative if garden or outdoor space is unavailable or limited.


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