Picking The Perfect Colours For Your Home

Picking The Perfect Colours For Your Home

Colour is perhaps one of the most important elements of styling. You can have luxurious rugs, textured pillows, and artistic embellishments but if the colours clash and overwhelm your space it can ruin the entire vibe of your home. When it comes to colour, it is important to do what’s right for you and your space. We know better than anyone what it is like to stare at walls of paint colours and books filled with fabrics, we’re all spoiled for choice! Luckily, we’ve got a few tips for you to try next time your home needs a fresh new look.

Get Moody With A Colour Palette Mood Board

They say that practice makes perfect, so why not play around with colours on a mood board until you get it right? You can do a lot with a large piece of cardboard! Add paint swatches, fabric cut outs and pictures from magazines to see how the colours you choose start to come together. If a colour doesn’t look right, take it off, if you think you need brighter colours, add more! Once you’ve perfected your mood board then you can hit the shops and go on your colour styling journey.

Make Use of The Colour Wheel

We have all seen or heard of the colour wheel, but do you know how to use it to help you style? As a rule of thumb, colours on opposing ends of the colour wheel are complementary and will go well together. Let the colour wheel do the work for you, simply choose two colours on opposite ends of the wheel and find styling pieces to match. Alternatively, if you’re looking to style a traditionally relaxing room like a bedroom then colours directly next to each other on the wheel are more calming to the eye. For example, greens and blues are often used together in styling, and are also neighbours on the colour wheel!

It’s Ok To Go Neutral If You Aren’t Confident With Colour

We know that colour can be daunting for an amateur stylist. Remember that all the bright colours in the rainbow are not your only option. Your personal rainbow might include creams, mochas, khakis, and charcoals. Neutral tones are classic, and never ever go out of style. If you want a styling job that will last you years then use neutral colours for your base items, like white walls and cream couches. Then you can dip into bright colours with pillows, throws or vases. There’s no need to paint all your walls yellow, a yellow pattern on a pillow or a yellow fruit bowl is just enough! These items can be changed more often and allow you to experiment with colours as you slowly work on your ability to style.


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