Get The Look: Mediterranean Vibes

Get The Look: Mediterranean Vibes

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It’s that time of year again, when your feed is full of endless Euro trips. While it may feel like all of your friends are either hiking the Balkans, road tripping around the Amalfi coast, drinking sangria in Spain, or exploring hidden coastal gems in Portugal, don’t feel too bad about being stuck at home. Go one step further than your friends by bringing the Mediterranean to you! How? Thanks to a few simple styling tips you can watch your space transform into a Mediterranean paradise!

But before we dive into our helpful hacks let’s unpack what a Mediterranean inspired style is. Essentially, this trend is all about capturing the romance of a Mediterranean summer. Ideally, this should be achieved by encapsulating the relaxed lifestyles of southern Greece, Italy and Spain. Like what you’ve heard so far? Well then you’re in luck! If you’re looking to create your very own Mediterranean oasis keep on reading!

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Keep it classic

The single most defining element of the Mediterranean aesthetic is its simplistic and relaxed nature. This is particularly reflected best in a clean, stripped back and cohesive colour palette. Try to keep it simple by sticking to natural colours. The most popular choices tend to focus on crisp whites, beige and subtle blues. However, don’t be afraid to work with other nature inspired colours such as earthy brown tones.

It’s all in the details

With such a simple colour scheme to work off the details can change everything! Want to know which accessories work best? Think about incorporating Euro floor cushions as seating. Or maybe try using Turkish towels as blankets? Rattan baskets and ottomans are fantastic feature furniture pieces that are functional storage and seating options, whilst making your space feel like a Greek resort. The trick to picking the finer details is focusing on having one or two statement pieces that fit the colour scheme and setting the mood around them.

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The great outdoors

It’s important not to forget about the outdoor spaces, so dress them the same as you would inside to create flow and continuity. Scatter cushions across the lounge setting, add small potted plants to the table, and hang up some lanterns to create a relaxing and peaceful ambience. Focus is often placed on showcasing large exterior windows, rustic furniture, textured walls and outdoor living. It’s not uncommon to notice rendered walls, soft lines, stucco textures and curved organic shapes dominating its design. When hearing this it comes as no surprise to learn that this aesthetic has become particularly popular in outdoor living and entertainment spaces.

Bell of the bathroom

It might come as a surprise to learn that the bathroom is one of the places a Mediterranean style can really shine. Pick out a few coloured towels, we recommend a bright blue, with some fresh white linens. Don’t skip on the scented candles, and soap dispensers as they can go a long way to dress up a tired space. It’s important  to keep all the daily products out of sight. After they’ve been safely tucked away make sure to add a vase of fresh flowers, some perfumes, and bath salts to the vanity to create the feeling of an elegant day spa.

Beautiful bedrooms

A simple bedspread can be elevated by adding in some scatter cushions and a bed throw. You can repeat an accent colour that you’ve used elsewhere in the home or mix it up and try adding a contrasting colour to brighten up the space. Matching bedside tables and lamps and a dresser will also help create harmony in the space.

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