3 Easy Ways To Lighten Up A Dark Space

3 Easy Ways To Lighten Up A Dark Space

Everyone always talks about the beauty of natural light in a home. Let’s be real, not everyone is blessed with the biggest and brightest of living spaces. Sometimes we have rooms without windows or large trees and buildings that block out the light. If you’re looking to brighten up your life… and your home, then our styling tips for a brighter space will help you get the job done!

Invest In Lighting With Adjustable Settings

We always put thought into how the lights in our homes look, but what about how the lights look when we turn them on? Chandeliers and pretty lampshades are great but using the actual light source as a styling tool is just as significant. Lights with adjustable settings are the best idea for homes that don’t have many hours of natural light to spare. You may find that the natural light streaming through your windows starts to disappear by the early afternoon. In this case, a manual dimming setting will allow you to brighten your rooms to accommodate the changes in sunlight during the day.

Magic Mirror On The Wall

Mirrors are great styling tools for making your rooms appear bigger, but this isn’t their only perk! Mirrors are also great at amplifying and reflecting light. Our best tip is to place mirrors opposite windows in smaller rooms. The mirror will reflect the sunlight during the day and bounce it towards different areas of the room that it normally wouldn’t. Likewise, mirrors and lamps/lights placed in the right position can have the exact same effect at night.

Let’s Address The Lamp In The Room

Please don’t leave that corner of the room bare, especially if you’re living in a darker space! There are boundless options when it comes to floor lamps, so you won’t have any trouble finding one to match the style of your home. If you’re trying to brighten up your space, it’s that extra touch that’s going to make the difference. Adding just one more light source in the corner of your room can take it from dark and dreary to desirable in no time. If you’re looking for some affordable and stylish options for this, then IKEA is your best bet!

Keep Colours Light And Bright

If your space is already on the darker side, then using darker colours when styling definitely won’t help! Bright white walls are best for making a space as light as can be. When it comes to décor try to stick to pastel tones, light blue is a favourite! These colours will trick the eye and make for a more bright and open seeming space. Remember, styling is all a matter of manipulating a space to be exactly how you’d like it.


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