The Styling Decade That Was: A Look Back At Interior Design In The 2010’s

The Styling Decade That Was: A Look Back At Interior Design In The 2010’s

Interior design trends are constantly changing and are often a reflection and result of who we are as a society and what is important to us. Whether it’s the popularisation of pastel, the Scandi takeover or the modernisation of boho, all these moments tell an interesting story. As we begin to enter a new decade of design, let’s take a look back at the 2010’s in styling and reminisce on the design trends that have formed the blueprint for the homes of the future.

Pretty In Pastel

In the early 2010’s pastels truly took the reigns of styling. With the comeback of metallics and the popularisation of rose gold’s in 2013, pretty pastels made for an elegant combination. Feminine interiors were all the rage and offered the styling world a breath of fresh air that saw masculine tones and trends take a backseat. In 2013 Pinterest was rapidly growing and women everywhere were taking to the site to show off their pastel spaces and add to their pastel mood boards. Among these pastel interior mood boards you could also expect to see lighter toned woods, geometric shapes and an abundance of natural light.


In 2017 Scandi became the leading interior design trend and is expected to continue to influence styling in an environmentally aware future. Scandi design is all about simplicity, minimalism and functionality. The trend was impossible to miss. If you tuned in to shows like The Block or House Rules in 2017 you’d see an abundance of white walls, natural fabrics and fashionably functional storage solutions. Homeowners truly tapped into their inner Scandinavian in 2017 by embracing minimalism and bringing the outside in. Large open spaces that blended into outdoor areas were popular, as was the incorporation of indoor plants and natural fibres as décor.

Bringing Boho Back

Boho chic is a style that continued to reappear and reinvent itself throughout the 10’s. As the last decade ended it was a modern take on boho style that pushed us into the 20’s. At the finish line of the 2010’s home interiors began to resemble peaceful and eclectic holiday destinations that reflect the significance of a global community and the way it can influence design. Mixed materials are still a fundamental element of the boho trend, however the most recent form of boho chic has seen the popularisation of mixing earthy tones and natural textures. Earthy accessories made from clay or pottery are popular as peach and beige colours became an admired trend. While sustainable and environmentally friendly materials such as terrazzo made a comeback and are often complemented by concrete with a stucco finish.

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