Hottest Kitchen Trends For 2020

Hottest Kitchen Trends For 2020

The kitchen takes centre stage when it comes to presenting your home, so make sure you’re on top of all the hottest trends for cooking spaces. From sleek stone to earthy and modern, get the low down on what to look out for this year.

Rough and Earthy

There has been a big lean towards simple, natural and neutral palettes especially with the modern boho style which has been very popular in interiors and will continue on into 2020. Think kitchens featuring handmade clay tiles, terracotta flooring and rough sand bagged render walls or render made islands. Potentially, inbuilt dining nooks also made of render, organic shaped seats or stools will also become trendy. This look also has a Mediterranean feel, very textural and tactile. Colours will be warm neutrals such as dusty pinks, apricot and crisp white.









Completely Hidden

This trend sees the kitchen becoming more like a minimal piece of furniture, it will sit into the home and almost be mistaken for living room joinery – not looking like kitchen at all! Hidden handles alongside appliances, there will only be the form of the cabinets and counter, no dressings on top. Technological advances mean almost every appliance and white good can be integrated and concealed. This look will be dominating apartment design, where space is a premium, and less visual clutter is  key. This will be desired by busy executives who want a luxe, minimal feel to their kitchen.









Metal and Stone

Marble and stone have always been the mark of a premium kitchen. However, with the introduction of engineered stone it is now more of an accessible and cost-effective option for many. There will be an increase in large stone features or stone look elements in kitchen design. It’s been a trend to have waterfall edges and to wrap the stone bench top material up the walls to also be the backsplash – which will probably extend into living areas, matching stone tables and coffee tables. The cool luxe feel of stone paired with the industrial look of metal will also be on the rise. Marble or terrazzo paired with black metal, whether it be open shelves, metal framework for islands or introduced with hardware. Aged brass will continue to lead the charge – with designers looking to inject metal trim, or design patterns into the stone work – almost in a nod to art deco design. You will see thin metal strips as details on cabinetry, drawers and lighting, where the contrasting materials create a luxe urban chic affect.


















The Second Kitchen

Butler’s pantries have become the new must-have of kitchen design – more and more clients are being drawn to this addition, so they can hide their items and small appliances. This trend also stems from a shift in how we live and eat, with a return to wellness and food prep, local and organic products, the butler’s pantry equips home owners to have everything at their fingertips to prepare food from scratch.


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