How To Incorporate Plants As Décor Pieces In Your Property

How To Incorporate Plants As Décor Pieces In Your Property

Still scarred by Mrs Sprout’s herbology class? Us too. Not to worry, here are four reasons you should incorporate plants as décor pieces in your property, minus the fatal cry of a mandrake.

The great thing about plants is that they breathe life into your home, both literally and metaphorically. Plants add shape, colour and life to a room and are very versatile. Like artwork and furniture, plants can be utilised to achieve supreme styling status.

Beyond their aesthetic charm, plants filter indoor air, reduce toxins and smell great. So, forget what Jumanji taught us about plants and invigorate your home décor with our simple tips and tricks to help you bring the outdoors, in.

You big softy
If your interior is modern with lots of hard edges, plants can be used to soften these angular lines. This will break up the straight lines of a modern house and give it the warmth of a home. Try placing a fiddle leaf fig at the end of a piece of furniture or in an empty corner to make your home feel more welcoming.

Even the cold, hard surfaces of a bathroom can be softened by the leafy greenery of a plant, making even the most uninviting room of your home a pleasure to be in. The temperamental humidity of a bathroom however, makes your choice of plant vital. We recommend something tropical like aloe vera or bromeliads.

Make a statement
If a room is missing the drama it needs to set it apart from the rest, a carefully chosen plant could be exactly what it needs. Whether you want it to be overstated like the monstera deliciosa, or have the subtle, elegant touch of a begonia, there is a plant for every occasion.

Our personal favourite would have to be the white moth orchid – its understated beauty is simply gorgeous in any kind of interior.

Space creators
Devil’s ivy, or tall bamboo palms not only look great, they also create the illusion of space by drawing the eye towards the ceiling. This is a great trick for anyone living in a small apartment or anyone who simply wants to show off their chandeliers. Guilty.

Don’t have a green thumb?
Faux plants are the go for you. Especially now, with the huge range of faux plants with amazing lifelike colours, textures and even reflective qualities. Not to mention the benefits of not having to clean up mess constantly. However, your fake plants can benefit from a wipe down with a damp cloth every blue moon, as they have the tendency to collect dust. Just remember to pretend to water them as to not shatter the illusion.
Blending succulents in with faux foliage can also be a great idea for those of you who strive for minimum cost and care. Be warned though, succulents need lots of sun so an area with enough light exposure is crucial. Try lining up a variety of succulents along a window sill to really see your succulents thrive.

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