How To Choose Art For Your Home

How To Choose Art For Your Home

You’ve just moved into your home, your furniture is in and set up, but your walls are looking a little sad and the image in your head of recreating The Met now seems like an impossible feat. We’ve all been there before, don’t worry.

With a never-ending range of pieces to choose from and a million different style paths to take, we understand that wanting to make the right decisions for your forever-home is no easy task! But believe us when we say, there is always a piece of art perfect for any space – you just need to know what to look out for. Which is why we’ve come up with a few key things to consider when choosing artwork that will help you on your way to gallery-level vibes.

Play with scale

When looking to liven up areas like a hallway or foyer don’t be afraid to experiment with size. Often in these tricky spaces, it’s best to avoid bulky furniture, which is why turning to artwork is an easy option to liven up the space without interfering with its functionality. To make more of an impact in an otherwise forgotten about space, consider larger artworks to create an impressive aesthetic.

When decorating a space already containing key furniture pieces, like a sofa or a bed, create visual balance by hanging the piece half way between the piece of furniture and the ceiling. This will help draw the eye without overwhelming the space. Remember, simple is best.

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Paintings in Pairs

If you want to achieve a high-end, luxe feel to your space, think about hanging your artwork in pairs. This adds symmetry to your space and creates a short story on your wall for your guests to follow. Also, don’t be afraid to play with your choice of frames – mix and match with unique frames to make a statement. We all know that consistency is key, so to avoid making your wall look ‘messy’, try and keep the colour of your frames the same, so they still tie together nicely.

Creating a gallery wall of more than two artworks can also add personality to your space. Draw up how your wall might look before putting it together so you have a good visualisation for how the finished product will turn out. When choosing your pieces, try your best to stick to a particular theme or colour palette for cohesion. For example, if you are leaning toward photography pieces, perhaps choose images that have a sepia wash.

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Colour is your friend

People are often scared to use colour, but it’s nothing to be afraid of! Colour can turn a dull, lack-lustre home into a bright, inviting oasis! If you want to ease yourself in, and your furniture is monochromatic, art can swoop in to provide that extra ‘oomph’.

Think of the colours that are already present in the space – what is the colour of your couch? What are the colours of your cushions? You can really tie in a space by adding a pop of colour with the art that you choose and match it with a colour already featured in the room such as the throw blanket on the sofa, or the colour of the tassels of your cushions.

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