How To Style Your Airbnb

How To Style Your Airbnb

It’s as if overnight, hotels have gone out and Airbnb has come in. Everyone’s jumped on the bandwagon of transforming their spare room or their investment property into short-stay accommodation.

With our globetrotting lifestyles and our desire to share our experiences on Facebook and Instagram, you need to make sure your property stands out from the crowd and becomes a place your guests can’t resist snapping that pic for their social media feed.

Get your basics right

At the end of the day, the aim is to get heads in beds – you have to remember it’s a business after all. The more heads in beds, the higher you can charge per night. Think of clever ways to incorporate extra beds without compromising style or space. Think nice sofa beds, inbuilt bunk systems and king beds that can be split into two single beds to accommodate for families.

Always keep spare bed linen and towels in the cupboard to accommodate guests who take advantage of the couch. You don’t want them left without a pillow and blanket at night! We suggest classic white linen and towels that you can easily bleach if stains pop up here and there. Opt for longevity rather than bright colours and patterns that can easily date and cross the “tacky” line.

The trick? Be bold.

Unusual, unique, and interesting rentals are in hot demand. If your property makes an impact, holiday-goers will stop and peruse your listing. Quirky vignettes, interesting wall art, or gathered objects on display tell a story that will draw in your potential guests. Pull from the surrounds, be it cool urban, coastal, or country vibes, guests love a consistent theme! A sprinkle of collected objects pulling from these elements help create the overall experience and will ensure higher ratings.

Get snapping!

A good Airbnb listing will have amazing online photos that capture the small details and tell a story. If your property has a view, make that your main image – even stage the shot to demonstrate what they could be experiencing. We’re imaging a bottle of red, cheese and candlelight. With that in mind, make your property a brand that people can hashtag and share on social. Create Instagramable moments like a cool feature wall, an amazing entry or something fun and quirky to get your guests to market on your behalf.

Rake in the 5-star ratings

Remember, you’re selling an experience, not just an overnight stay – that’s what the local motel is for. If you were a guest, what would make your stay? What would make you feel taken care of and compelled to leave a positive review? If your guests are staying for an occasion, maybe leave a bottle of bubbles in the fridge and a box of nice chocolates on the counter. Maybe play the local card and leave a list of personal recommendations on where to eat and what to do in your area, or even leave a collection of your favourite locally sourced produce. Have them leaving already planning their next stay.

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