How To Style with Modern Florals – Video

How To Style with Modern Florals – Video

Watch as director and founder of Vault Interiors Property Styling, Justine Stedman has a chat with Sky News Real Estate about how to incorporate the flattering floral trend into the home.


SN: This is Sky News Real Estate. Thanks for joining us, you’re watching Sky News Real Estate. While bringing the garden into your home is a great idea, after all, decorating with florals through wallpaper upholstery, lamps or even tiles can be the perfect way to enjoy that spring feeling in your home all year round. But working with floral prints can be intimidating and it can be a fine line between nailing it and crossing into overload, as there are many patterns and colors as there are flowers. Interior design expert Justine Steadman from Vault Interiors Property Styling is here to show us how to make styling with florals work. Justine, great to see you again. I guess just firstly I mean we’re chatting about this earlier, florals can be lots of things and that it doesn’t have to be just big roses.

Justine Stedman: They can the thing with florals is people get “floral fear” which is they instantly think about nana’s house and big patterns and it just doesn’t have to be so girlie you can really introduce florals into a modern context as a few simple tricks in which we can do that if you think outside the box.

SN: I love it well first start this beautiful pillow that we have here which I just love is a flower but you wouldn’t think it’s overly floral.

Justine Stedman: You wouldn’t and you know the reason being it works because it’s about scale of the floral it’s actually not just roses so you’ve got the blossom motif you mixing it with other patterns and it’s actually very on-trend you’ve got cobalt you’ve got black so it’s effectively a lot more modern it’s not just that standard floral then everybody thinks.

SN: This is not a floral that would scare a fella!

Justine Stedman: It wouldn’t scare fella! I think that’s so why so many people think floral is really feminine and then probably why they shy away from it yeah but florals should be all about appealing to everybody in male and female and the way to do that is to really embrace graphic floral patterns – not just go for those pastels and everyone thinks of and think outside. Think of branches, buds, blossoms – it doesn’t just have to be little roses that it doesn’t have to be so feminine.

SN: Kind of reminds you of that term Japanese brushwork.

Justine Stedman: Exactly and look well we’ve got a wallpaper here beautiful designers guild wallpaper the reason it works in modern interiors is because you have that watercolour effect which is very on-trend, you’ve got cobalt’s and teal blues which are also very on trend and it’s going to appeal to male and female so it’s easy to introduce something like this is a feature wall in a statement without that outdated look at everyone fears when it comes to floral so couldn’t get very graphic and beautiful that’s what it should be.

SN: I mean could you use that with the wallpaper and all of the layers?

Justine Stedman: That’s the key when it comes to floral it is about scale in the past people might have recovered a full sofa and curtains from the chair and what was right there avoid that you want to just introduce it sparingly so maybe just a feature wall maybe one or two cushions with small accents work that but it’s not overbearing and they if you play with the patterns so they can be different patterns of floral but as long as they’re totally the same color you don’t work.

SN: very very quickly jump at you we’ve got some pictures i think to look at as well so we could talk us through and just ways of mixing it because that’s like he said the floral fear is you know how to mix it and make it work with other thing that pillow in.

Justine Stedman: It is so here we see exactly got a bit of an oriental floral it’s a nice blossom printer again not too outdated it’s gonna work in that’s quite a modern room which would appeal to anybody and it’s on trend in terms of the colors it works well with the bold block cushion so colorful modern question is great and works with first so there’s nothing about that that looks outdated it just says fresh and spring and some more bass.

SN: Is the one you were just holding up very similar?

Justine Stedman: Yes it is. Everything works in that context because it’s not too feminine it does have masculine sensibilities and it’s rethinking the way people think about florals being a blossom and not just a rose looks really modern and that’s going to draw a whole room together.

Justine Stedman: That’s right a lot of people don’t want to commit to a full wall for the same reason we discussed artwork is going to give you that same impact if you use in this example here we’re seeing a beautiful blossom what kind of branch hard almost and it’s monochromatic so again not too feminine in terms of floral and you’re pairing it with some vibrant mustard and teal cushions which are again very summery very spring-like so that’s gonna signify the change of seasons.

SN: Doesn’t that soften the whole room just having that that look!

Justine Stedman: It’s a visual interior design is all about creating a visual focus and that’s exactly what that works doing you can swap it out of the season’s change

SN: Yeah so block cushions often work well then with a floral artwork and the lamps too are beautiful

SN: Ok so here we’re talking upholstery so I love that chair!

Justine Stedman: That chair well it’s the velvet, similar to the cushion we looked at before it’s another modern interpretation of floral because it’s not your traditional pastel nothing too delicate it’s more punchy

SN: Lovely I really love that one. Is that a cushion at the back of the chair?

Justine Stedman: It is, a cushion lifts the space, exactly the same principle we discussed earlier. You’ve got the statement piece by breaking it up it’s not too it’s not going to take too much visual impact if you have a block cushion is going to break it up so it’s not going to feel too heavy in the room and the trick is one or two statement pieces are enough you don’t want to go over the top with floral that’s pretty much the key.

SN: Looking here, amazing artwork!

Justine Stedman: That artwork is an example what we’re talking about with the wallpaper same principle because it’s monochromatic because it’s quite punchy it’s going to work in any modern context but it’s not your traditional floral and therefore it shouldn’t it should be a little more timeless that may not scare people because they know it will work in their space and it’s paired again with just some other graphic spring light colours so that’s bringing floral in without that outdated feeling.

SN: Do you think for those who cannot afford and like more hey a little piece of artwork like that you could do a photographic print?

Justine Stedman: Absolutely you could go out taking some photos and you can and get them canvas printed up it’s very inexpensive. That’s exactly what it should be about the thing with floral is you want to bring the outdoors in this spring is about a spring clean time to redecorate time to entertain and you want that lovely organic feeling inside.

SN: Just another one here so with this green chair that you can see that that’s

Justine Stedman: Yeah it’s so that’s a floral very vibrant floral print as you can see that a lot of the trends of the moment in mustard and your teals and pairing that with them, you know, gray and monochromatic palette because it is universal works for male and female and because the printer so punchy just need that one chair and it really brings the room together.

SN: If you take that chair of the picture that room is so dull!

Justine Stedman: It’s the anchor and that’s what it should be about. You can achieve that with you were curtains statement chair any of those things – a rug yeah

SN: And that the outdoor chairs seem to draw it as well! So these are the cushions!

Justine Stedman: It is, this is a job we did for client a custom job the same kind of principle we’ve got just a couple of cushions, so that’s got that floral impact but because the patterns are slightly broken up but you’ve got it’s not the same kind of repeated it everywhere it does look modern and with we’ve paired back with a couple of plain cushions.

SN: Yeah I mean, going to curtains. that’s for me is I would be nervous. Can they look great?

Justine Stedman: Definitely don’t be nervous with curtains they’re actually very inexpensive most people are swapping out the heavy really thick curtains to go into spring and when you have a soft branch or lovely leaf, it just feels summary and it’s going to again create a visual focal point which is what styling is all about.

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