How to style a blank wall or empty space

How to style a blank wall or empty space

Styling a blank wall or small unused space in your home can add a point of interest in the room and create big visual impact.

To craft a successful vignette, use items that are special to you as accessories. These can be things given to you as gifts, collected whilst travelling, childhood memorabilia or finds from the local market or charity shop.

Large blank walls and empty spaces can make a room look unfinished, but at the same time if you over style your home can look cluttered and closed in.

The key is to not overdo it and find a balance, don’t feel like you have to style every blank wall or empty space in your home. Less is more.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Start with a statement occasional furniture piece such as a beautiful bookshelf, hall table or a stately sideboard.

Step 2: Hang a mirror or artwork above the piece of furniture to create visual balance.

Step 3: Group vessels and accessories and layer them in clusters of various heights and sizes to achieve a curated look.

Step 4: Stack coffee table books on their sides to give you the ability to play with height levels and incorporate more colour and interest.

Step 5: Placement is key for both the furniture piece itself and the display items placed on it. Stagger items at different depths on your chosen key piece of furniture. This technique will give you an effortless designer look without being too ‘put together’.

Step 6: Swap the display around every few weeks to keep it looking fresh. Let the space adapt with you and showcase your personal style and interests.

Don’t forget to work with the existing decor in your home, if it’s minimalist then a couple of coffee table books, a nice vase and a scented candle will be enough.

Expert advice can make a huge difference to the presentation in your home. If you need assistance styling your property contact us today or check out our services (Property Styling and Furniture Packages) for more information on what we can do for you.

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