How to make outdoors as stylish as indoors

How to make outdoors as stylish as indoors

Outdoor space is so important in the Aussie home – it’s part of the lifestyle we love here. Whether you love to entertain at family BBQs or prefer the solace of reading an early morning newspaper, coupled with a hot cup of coffee – your outdoor space should feel inspiring and comfortable.

If your deck, veranda or patio is looking and feeling shabby and sad, with sagging chairs or mouldy old wooden tables, you’re wasting the chance to create a unique space to use this summer.

Here’s how to transform your underutilised outdoor area into something as comfortable and homely as your living room:

1.     Add cover and protection

Living in Australia, the elements can be overwhelming, and sometimes they are incredibly unpredictable. So ensuring you incorporate shelter which protects you from the intense Australian weather is an important addition to ensure you can spend more time outdoors (and in comfort).  A covered pergola is just as effective as a roof extension if your budget is on the tighter side.


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2.     Warm your hands

Add ambience and warmth with heating options to ensure your outdoor space is more usable throughout the year. An open wood fireplace is a wonderful addition, however, an easier option is a gas fireplace.  You get the captivating flames, but without the hassle of chopping or storing wood. And it’s easy to light, so it provides instant heat with just as much ambience.

3.     Welcome in the light

The principal of lighting is the same with indoor as it is outdoor spaces. If you have a solid roof over your space, you can create a visually appealing focal point a pendant light. Just be sure that they are certified for outdoor use. In a larger outdoor room with a ceiling lining the overhead roof, you can also use ceiling-mounted LED downlights, great for washing light down a wall or enhancing general illumination.


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4.     Furnish with care

Just like indoors, furniture is paramount to creating comfort and functionality. Whether you would like pieces to soak up the Aussie sun, cozy up during cooler months or accommodate big or small numbers –  furniture selection is key. Ottomans, side tables and coffee tables also add functionality and create more of an ‘interior’ style for your outdoor area. They also provide extra seating or somewhere to put your feet up when you’re ready to unwind. Remember, for the best functionality, always specify an all-weather, quick-dry foam for your seat cushions, as it has a mesh bottom that allows the water to drain out.

5.     Accessories and rugs

Think of this step as the cherry on the top of your beautiful created cake. If you have the proper protection against the elements, think about incorporating an outdoor rug. A rug helps to anchor a seating area and adds colour and pattern.

Layer up with throws and beautiful blankets that you can change out when the seasons change. Start with cosy woollen throws, as the winter turns into spring, and transition to a beautiful Turkish cotton throw in the summer. Even on the hottest day, it’s nice to have a bit of cover during that all-important afternoon nap.


Image: Vault Interiors Property Styling

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