How To Integrate Your Pets Stylishly

How To Integrate Your Pets Stylishly

Whether you like it or not, your furry family member’s water bowl you kick over every day is there to say. So why not incorporate your pets needs into your home styling, making you both happy. Stylish and sophisticated, and most importantly…practical.


We know that no matter how much you spend on your pet’s bed, they will always choose your lap, face or your bed over theirs. However, it’s worth a try to get them to find their sleeping spot, and when they do it may as well be a stylish one. Custom made furniture with interesting designs can act as décor in your home and not just a paw-printed bed you kick out the way. Cabinets which hold food bowls, cat litter trays or all their accessories from leads to collars and brushes.

We love Jonathan Adler’s pet designs which show that practical pet design can definitely be stylish too. His designs make it easy to put pet accessories on display as part of your home.

Image: Design By Jonathan Adler


Fabrics with patterns are a good option to consider for hiding evidence of pet fur. It can help to camouflage the fur as well as marks and stains.

Pet owners love leather. It is somewhat resistant to odour and it doesn’t attract pet fur. Stains, spills and fur wipe off easily with a cloth. If your dog does happen to leave a scratch, you can usually buff it out. We suggest a hard wearing leather over a soft and delicate one. Go for distressed leather, it will draw less attention to scratches and scuffs.

If your furniture came before your pet and it isn’t quite pet-friendly, we suggest you protect what you can and scotchguard the upholstery. Slipcovers for couches and throw blankets will also help if your pets won’t stay off the couch…or if you can’t resist the cuddles.

Fabrics you will want to avoid are chenille, velvet, wool, linen, silk, and tweed.

Image: Vault Interiors Property Styling


If you are looking into getting a pet but don’t have any specifications, you will want to look at your home design to see what best suits. If you have light lounge sofa set, a black cat probably won’t be the best idea. Hardwood and carpet floors call for smaller pets which won’t scratch or dirty it.

If you have stone, tile or laminate flooring, you could be coming home with a big furry friend and not have to worry about scratches or damage.

A fish tank or aquarium is a great low maintenance option as it acts as a design focal point and animal companion.

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