How To Design The Perfect Teen Bedroom

How To Design The Perfect Teen Bedroom

As your children grow, the design of their rooms should adapt to meet their needs. The number one rule when styling for your teenager? Space!

Teens want to create a room that feels unique to their personality, so make sure to leave plenty of opportunity for them to add their creative flair.

It’s paramount to give teens a zone to relax in, hang out with friends or blast their favourite music. At their age, privacy is everything as they work on defining their individual style. Want to create the perfect teen bedroom? Read on to find out how!


Flexibility is very important so make sure your teen has a space that serves multiple purposes.

Think about their hobbies and interests and tailor their bedroom to suit these needs. Allow for entertainment hubs, sports equipment and musical instruments by designing a room with ample floor space.

Using modular furniture will enable their space to adapt easily and maximise function and flow in your teen’s bedroom.

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Considering a bed upgrade? This might be the perfect time for you to invest in a new bed for your rapidly growing teen. For those with enough floor space, a double bed is a smart choice as it will serve your young adult well into the future.

Chances are your teen will remain at home for many years to come! With housing affordability a big concern, it’s a good idea to purchase a bed that teens won’t outgrow too soon.

Struggling for space? A double bunk bed allows your teen the space they crave, and still leaves room for a study zone or lounge area below.

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Your teen is bound to have accumulated plenty of belongings over the years. Storage is a major aspect of designing the perfect teen room as it will ensure their space is tidy and organised (in theory, at least!).

We recommend looking for both open and concealed storage options. Bookshelves with cupboard draws will allow teens to display trophies, photos and mementos while keeping those messy books or sports clothes tucked away out of sight.

Try floating shelves to allow your teen to get creative when displaying their favourite items like books, candles and trinkets.

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Splurging on key items means you will spend your money wisely when designing the perfect teen bedroom. Bed frames and mattresses are places to invest as your busy teen will want to come home to a comfy bed each night.

Accessories, art and soft furnishings are easily replaced and change rapidly so be sure to seek out affordable options. Allow your teen to express their personality with cushions, throws and linen in fashionable shades and prints.

Encourage your teen to create DIY pieces like features walls using art prints, photo collages and dream catchers. This is a great personal project to help them engage and take pride in their space!

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The last thing you want from your teen is constant complaints of being out of WIFI range! We live in a technologically dependent era and your teen will need access to the internet regularly for schoolwork and social networking.

Ensure their room has good access to your home’s WIFI network and is fitted with plenty of power points. Hide cables under floor rugs or behind large furniture items and invest in good quality power boards to avoid overloading power points.

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