How To Create The Ultimate Home Office

How To Create The Ultimate Home Office

As business becomes a digital endeavour, working from home is now a popular option for many professionals. A home office provides the flexibility to work remotely, enabling freelancers to save on the costs of a renting a host desk or studio.

When starting to work from home, it’s essential to create a dedicated office in your home. This will allow you to separate work from play, and help maximise your productivity in the comfort of your own property.

Read on to hear our step-by-step guide to building the ultimate home office. Learn why functional furniture is a must in any workspace, how light can impact concentration and focus and the importance of adding personal touches to your office.


Like any room in your house, the layout of your office must be carefully planned out. Start by looking for dead spaces in your home that could be repurposed as a study zone.

Areas such as old bedrooms and sunrooms make ideal offices and are a great place to start. If possible, find places that are separate from busy, social areas of the home. This will remove any unnecessary distractions and allow for greater levels of focus.

For apartment dwellers or those with limited space, we recommend getting creative with multifunctional rooms. Why not make your office double as a guest area with the simple addition of a fold-out sofa bed?

Functional furniture is non-negotiable for any home office. Flat packs are a great option as they allow you to customise the design to your specific needs. Find inventive ways to use furniture to hide cords and keep your electronics organised.

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Getting through your to-do list means staying on task. Lighting is crucial to concentration and mood levels, with bright spaces guaranteed to keep with motivated and working hard.

Consider positioning your desk under a window or direct source of natural light. A bright outlook will make staying on track less arduous and helps your space feel more inviting.

If natural lighting isn’t a possibility, opt for mirrors and strategically placed desk lights with warm globes to avoid bright light headaches.

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Nothing boosts productivity like a thoughtfully decorated and styled room. Adding personal touches will solidify your workspace as your own and help you feel inspired and proactive.

Think about placing easy-care indoor plants around your office to inject a green, lush element to your room. Not only will they add delicate fragrance and aesthetic appeal, but will also improve the overall air quality of your home.

Hang large pin boards to display quotes, photos and artworks related to your current projects. Invest in stationary and notebooks that fit with your room’s colour scheme, and be sure to include candles, picture frames and decorative paperweights.

Whatever it takes, we believe it is crucial to  inject your own personality and flair when creating the ultimate home office.

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