How to create style in your home on a budget – Video

How to create style in your home on a budget – Video

Watch our Director,  Justine Stedman share her tips for achieving amazing style in your home on a budget with Sky News Real Estate. Fantastic for property investors and tenants alike!


SN: Thanks for joining us here on Sky News Real Estate, well we love a good challenge here even better when it’s a bargain hunters challenge and today we’ve asked Vault Interiors Property Styling director and principal stylist Justin Steadman to add style to a room for under fifty dollars, there’s a challenge!

Justine Stedman: Thank you so much for having me! Look, it doesn’t cost a fortune to get good style I mean you can have this top and style as mid-range style but in terms of injecting a bit of colour and flavour and your property it can be affordable and you don’t have to break the bank! There’s a few styling hacks a few little tricks that we can do that just jazz up any space be a bedroom, lounge room, kitchen there are certain little things you can do to just really have some visual impact!

SN: Because it’s such a vast subject, if we were to look at artwork for instance where do you recommend people should be looking for?

Justine Stedman:  Well, people often get a little concerned about art because think they have to outlay thousands for a really big custom piece you don’t you can go to places like Etsy and get some wonderful priced family photos framed up with Ikea frames or stretching canvas can look fantastic. Here’s an example of just a nice little print, I think it’s very simple frame if you do a cluster of these in in a big group you get a gallery wall effect which is very, very dramatic and won’t break the bank. The trick is actually to mix it up to be a little bit more eclectic. This is going to add interest that’s going to make your home a little more unique.

SN: In terms of other ways, I mean you’ve brought in some things here just talk us through some of the items.

Justine Stedman: Sure well, style for under fifty dollars can be achieved through a variety of different applications – things like cushions for example. I mean aqua is very seasonal and very on-trend the thing about it is that I like to keep basic furniture in neutral and then add colour through accessories and cushions. This is because if you the seasons change you get bored you want to outlay  every time a new trend comes along a beautiful cushion like this you can pick up for ten to fifteen dollars from  a variety of home with stores like Kmart, Daze, Freedom – they all stock a fantastic range of different  price points. A couple of these on your sofa will update and completely uplift the room because that pop of colour and will attract the eye and will transform the space.

SN: Yeah just gorgeous thank you, now, what would one would call these, I guess, knickknacks?

Justine Stedman: Trinkets! Well this is just a little book end here  which are again it was picked up  inexpensively actually at a variety store you can often get things done even at Vinnies if you find the right pieces!

SN: Wow!

Justine Stedman: Something like this along with a nice design a book and a candle creates a perfect little coffee and that just creates again, a visual focus, it looks like there’s been a bit of effort made. It uplifts a room whether it’s for your home or to get ready for sale it’s just going to look like it’s dressed and it’s going to make it feel welcoming.

SN: I love the candle!

Justine Stedman: Yeah my favourite – metallic! It’s the price point – really we all know a good coffee table book, a candle, I mean they range again from five to twenty dollars depending on the brand. They are stocked everywhere and you can even make your own candles inexpensively. Statement piece metallics will always draw the eye and as I’ve, said many, many companies at the moment are tapping into that because it is on trend. So you will find affordable gold, silver, rose gold home wares like this at very low price point we’re talking five and ten dollars.

SN: Yeah well and as you said just create little vignette – three or five groups of threes

Justine Stedman: That’s a great styling rule that always works really well and if you really want to finish it off we tend to use a bigger vessel – something along these lines with again a pop of colour if you’re repeating the accent colour, it’s giving the room consistency. You can finish it off with some fresh flowers or even fake flowers anything green, a bunch of herbs and succulent just that little pop of green will also draw the eye and also just basically finishes things and makes it very refined.

SN: I love fresh flowers but on a budget they can’t exactly be crawling everywhere.

Justine Stedman: I mean look fake flowers again Freedom so many of those stores do stock them, and they last forever. We’re talking probably a few dollars a stem so just a nice little bunch of the coffee table along with the key items we talked about that just creates basically a focal point and something to jazz it up.

SN: We’re just looking at some pictures now so what are some of the things and that you’ve done here in this room on a budget?

Justine Stedman: Well this room is key to the principles we were just talking about what you might take a colour accent and you repeat that accent the reason that works is it creates consistency in the room and it can be it can be achieved very affordably. The artwork that’s just a quite a generic canvas again not a one-off designer piece but it has visual impact and draws in the eye. The cushions are repeating that colour again inexpensive you can take old cushions and recover with cushion covers etc.  I’ve talked about with the coffee table dressings we’ve done that they’re on the coffee  table as you can see a nice plant a  little vessel in a book it just finishes the room basically it looks designer.

SN: We should point out too, another thing that you mentioned is the rug

Justine Stedman: Look yes that can be rugs, throws the thing about styling a property is layering really adds value and impact because it makes me feel homely and if it’s just for yourself or for presentation for sale, you want to create that attachment and feeling of home. Having a soft  surface like that a rug will define the space but it also warm things up and  throws are ideal because they’re cheap  and they cover a variety of sins – older sofas or kids and dogs messes.

Justine Stedman: You can get them at Bunnings and basically you can get them anywhere! Round is very trendy so a nice round size rug will define a space especially the kids room or a study where people don’t often think to put a rug there but this makes it feel like the space is actually bigger. These tips are all inexpensive and they’re all about uplifting that specific

SN: So lighting as well, we should ask you because it’s something else you point out it’s like table lamps, floor lamps, really great way to add ambiance.

Justine Stedman: Ambient lighting is a hat-trick. I mean it’s again you will get that with candles but having soft table lamps we’ve got one lighting as opposed to harsh LED or fluoro it creates a homely atmosphere. You can play with the levels of lighting that are different if you’re entertaining you can have something softer if its task lighting it’s a different application but again table lamps, $20-$30 all those stores we talked about are stocking fantastic options right now.

SN: Is one of your rooms as well?

Justine Stedman: It is yes! Here as you can see, we’ve got a really colourful artwork again with a bit of metallic a bit of teal pastels are very in right now. But the overall presentation is quite neutral in terms of the bed and the side tables but you get that drama with the throw, the cushions, the artwork, that layering principal, and all of those elements are inexpensive and when they are put together.

SN: Yeah looks great!

Justine Stedman: One of our styling tricks is depending on the demographic in the area for example coastal property, we will highlight the blues because we want to put buyers in the mind that we are near the water. If it’s a green leafy suburb we want to play up that too so we are trying to reference the location we’re trying to bring that indoor/outdoor feeling.

SN: And you can’t beat plants either I mean it really makes a lot of some plants.

Justine Stedman: Yep, we are plant crazy! When it comes to tips under fifty dollars as I said fresh flowers are great but if you don’t want to replace them all the time fake ferns, fake succulents little glass terrariums are very big right now. You can make them yourself with a cutting board!

SN: Gosh it’s so expensive if you buy them, we’re talking two hundred dollars to buy one off the shelf!

Justine Stedman: That’s right! But just like a five-dollar glass fishbowl from a variety shot with a few cuttings real succulents all your need is sand and that’s that in itself is a beautiful coffee table centerpiece, dining table centerpiece, in an inexpensive style.

SN: That’s a great tip! And it’s something we can do yourself, and it’s the cheapest way to do it yourself.

Justine Stedman: That’s it! I mean these little tricks really work well if filtered throughout the home, it’s basically just added value overall for yourself or for people coming through the property. In the end, presentation is key in general, so if you can get people to emotionally connect with the property that feels well-dressed and homely you’ll see the results!

SN: Alright, top tips very quickly then?

Justine Stedman: Sure, top four tips:

  1. Lighting
  2. Artwork is inexpensive and you can do a variety of things (photos, canvas) just get a bit of colour in it really makes all the difference
  3. Throws and cushions jazz up any bed or sofa in an instant and you can swap them out with the change in. That’s what’s great and cost-effective about that.
  4. Plant life – fresh flowers, greenery even in the kitchen bathrooms orchids, that will create a sense of style

These are all very achievable and hopefully affordable for anybody because style should be accessible at any budget!

SN: Justine, it’s been great to get your expert advice! Justine Stedman from Vault Interiors – Property Styling Sydney.

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