How to choose amazing bedsheets

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How to choose amazing bedsheets

It’s no secret that a set of deluxe sheets will probably result in a better night’s sleep.

When selecting the best bedsheets to make your bedroom feel luxe there are three main items to focus on:

The Material

Not all materials are created equal. If you want top-of-the-range go for 100% Egyptian cotton. If the tag just says ‘Egyptian cotton’ it is probably blended with cotton from another source.

Supima, a trademarked material made from American Pima cotton, is another premium option – Private Collection has a lovely range of 600TC Supima sheets

Linen is great as its breathability allows it to be cool and light which is awesome for the Australian summer. Linen is also stronger than cotton. But, unless you like the wrinkled look be prepared for lots of ironing! Normandy in France and Belgium are considered the best sources of linen. Check out I Love Linen.

Cotton blends such as cotton/polyester are fantastic, low maintenance sheets as they require little ironing. Look for a 90% cotton to 10% polyester ratio. These blends are best for children’s beds or fashion doona covers.

The origin of the cotton can also play a role in the quality of your bedsheets. Countries like India, China, Sri Lanka and Pakistan have been known to produce lower quality cotton products as their cotton can require more processing to bring them it up to a useable standard. The more processing involved, the more damaged the fibers become. This is often a cheaper means of production too.  If the source is unclear ask the shop or manufacturer. Use your common sense, if you are purchasing from a chain store for a bargain price it is unlikely you will get the best quality product.

I love linen bedding

Image: I Love Linen

The Weave

The most common types of weaves available are Percale and Sateen. It is really down to personal preference when it comes to the weave type.

Percale is a lightweight cotton with a smooth, crisp feel and matte look that is perfect for summer, warmer weather climates or warm sleepers. Sateen is more luxurious and slightly heavier with a soft silky finish that feels lovely on the skin. Both are fabulous it just depends on whether you prefer crisp or silky.

Other options are Poplin – a plain weave that is strong, lightweight and low-maintenance, Tencel ® – made from natural fibers which is great for warmer sleepers or Flannel – a dense fabric best for cold sleepers or very cold climates.

Where the product was woven can also be a factor that determines both quality and durability. The Italians hold the trophy for weaving, but in general European weavers tend to be the most highly regarded. If you are looking at a product which is 100% Egyptian cotton but woven in China, it won’t be as high quality as a fabric that was woven in Italy or Portugal. Frette is a stunning Italian brand which produces amazing high-end bedding.

frette bedding

Image: Frette Bedding

The Thread Count

Many people are under the misconception that thread count indicates the quality or softness of the sheets. It doesn’t.

A sheet’s thread count is the number of horizontal and vertical threads per inch – it simply represents the density of the sheet – i.e. the thickness. Denser sheets will be more durable as they are less likely to tear, which is why many hotels use high thread count sheets. So if you are looking for durability, then a high thread count is the way to go. Check out Sheridan’s Hotel Luxury Sheet Set 1000TC.

If you are selecting a high TC, you should be aware that washing sheets above 1000TC in a standard household washing machine can be a challenge as they are very thick and heavy – especially king size sheets. We find that for general household use, 300 to 500TC is a good compromise as you still get the durability without the maintenance.

sheridan bedding

Image: Sheridan Hotel Luxury Collection

What’s your favourite bedding brand? Comment below to let us know!

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