How To Capture The Investor Market

How To Capture The Investor Market

Currently in Australia we have more investors in the property market than ever before. This rising trend in buyers means that when selling your property it pays to consider this purchaser. Styling to appeal to an investor means not only are you hoping they themselves will see your property’s potential, but also that it will be appealing to the rental market down the track. Here are our top tips to achieve this.


It sounds like we are talking about creating a miracle or spending thousands to remodel your home. However, in reality, a property stylist can do this at a fraction of the price and far more quickly. Maximising the feeling of space and the flow of the living spaces with compact and smart furniture placement can actually make your home look and feel larger.

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Again, it is not about remodelling your home. Turning smaller, often unused areas in your home into usable and functional spaces can add value. Creating a study nook is a great example of this, especially in properties where space is highly valued and hard to come by. A one bedroom apartment with a study nook has more appeal than just a one bedroom property.


Investors are looking for a property that will require very little work after purchase. An ideal property would be one they can get straight onto the rental market. A fresh coat of paint, preferably in a neutral colour throughout and low maintenance gardens add to this appeal. These help to set the tone for how much work the property will require, so don’t overlook these issues in the hope they will go unnoticed.


Storage is a big drawcard for investors because tenants find it desirable. If your property is short of storage, it is easy to create by cleverly adding a credenza, chest of drawers or cupboards to unused or awkward areas to demonstrate where storage options could be included. Especially where permanent joinery could potentially be added at a small cost.


When considering the style of your home for sale to an investor it is best if furniture and dressings are kept predominantly to a neutral colour palette, this helps an investor visualise the appeal to a broad rental market.

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When selling your home, you are also selling a lifestyle. Everything from the suburb, schools, transport and demographic play a part in the sale. If your yard doesn’t have a deck or patio area it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t place outdoor furniture in it. This gives buyers a vision of what they can do once they make the space their own.

Using a professional styling team to help you will make the entire process stress-free and easy.

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