How Colour Choice Can Impact The Sale of Your Home

How Colour Choice Can Impact The Sale of Your Home

Have you ever woken up one morning, convinced that only a red top will make you feel great that day? Or that a pop of colour on a grey wintry day will lift you from average to awesome?
There are numerous studies on the psychology behind colour; when it comes to styling the interior of your home before putting it on the market, colour choice can have a huge impact – especially on the positive sales results for your property.

The key with colour?

Use it sparingly and appropriately. Styling is about showcasing your property and highlighting the best aspects of surrounding landscapes or a stunning natural environment.
My personal recommendation to clients wanting long-term results for their home, is to start with a neutral base on the walls and floor. These colours will stay timeless through all the different trends.

Colour trends come and go so save your colour for accents that can be updated without breaking your budget. Cushions and artwork are a great way to add colour without the huge commitment of painting an entire room.

Bringing Outdoors In

I love taking colour cues from the external environment and bringing splashes of those tones in – the added bonus is that it helps maximise the indoor/outdoor flow and highlights good views. For example, if a property is near the coast, I look for watery tones (soft blues, navy and teals), along with sandy, stone colours and taupes that reflect the sea and sand.
With suburban properties, quite often a punch of rich green can enhance leafy outlooks and for an inner-city property – where you often have a busy or crowded outlook – something bold will draw the eye’s focus, so try orange or red accents for some bold beauty.

Seasonal Shifts

Colour is an easy way to keep your interiors up-to-date and reflect seasonal changes – think bright citrus accents for the long, lazy summer months and look for deeper, rich colours to exude cosiness in the winter. By having the ability to swap out your colour accents against a neutral background, you’ll enjoy an interior scheme that is fresh and interesting all year around.

Best Colour Palettes For Your Home

In the bedroom…

Styling a bedroom in a soft palette encourages relaxation and rest. Choose soft blues, silvers or pastel colours. I think soft pink, yellow or mint work well. Sometimes a monochromatic palette is the go – especially for a more masculine feel. It’s elegant and sophisticated without the feeling of visual overload. For guest rooms or kids’ rooms, be playful and bold. I love a punchy palette, like hot pink or bright orange. The feeling is fun, like a boutique hotel.

Image: Vault Interiors Property Styling


Focus for your Office/study…

With a home office space, it comes down to the way you like to work. If you get inspiration from lots of mood board images, magazines and creative clutter, a mix of poppy colours is a good choice – it looks great with a quirky array of personal treasures.
This vibrant approach can work well and helps create a dynamic environment. If your work habits are more regimented, choosing a more subdued office space style is best. For better mental organisation without the distraction stick to a two-tone scheme, like grey and yellow, or blue and white. The orderly feel will help you feel more contained and focused for the ultimate productivity boost.

Image: Vault Interior Property Styling


Lounge around…

Layering colours has a big impact in creating a relaxed and laid back feel to a room. Start with a colour tone that brings the outdoors in, or simply one that you love – and repeat that colour across art accessories and cushions. The visual consistency can also be created with use of block colours to define individual spaces – a great way to create separate zones within the whole overall environment. For example, use mainly orange in a study nook area, blue in the main lounge and yellow in the dining zone. The trick is to add one or two pops of each of these colours in each area – it helps balance things and, with open-plan living, it’s important for that smooth style that is visually consistent.

Image: Vault Interior Property Styling


Kitchen cool…

Kitchens are a crucial price point when selling your home. Kitchens can date quickly so by choosing neutral tones for counter selections and kitchen bench-tops, you can create a timeless look and then play with colour accents in your accessories.
Look at deeper colours for the cabinetry (especially if you are looking at polytec or laminex with beautiful wood-look finishes) – it’s a brilliant way to achieve a dramatic visual contrast.
If you get sick of the colour, cabinet doors can be changed without too much hassle and expense, whereas a stone counter (especially if you have under-mount sinks and integrated appliances) is more expensive to remove or update down the track.

Colour accents can be added with some seriously funky appliances. Smeg fridges, kitchen aid mixers and Delongi kettles and toasters are all great ways to bring some personality to your neutral cooking space.

Image: Vault Interior Property Styling


Bathroom Bliss…

It’s all about the metallic. Bathroom accessories can add luxe appeal, with the glamour of metallic scented candles and gold bowls for soap.
Adding a beautiful hanging feature with clever use of pendant lighting is another way to give a bathroom a glam pop.

For tap-ware, think matte black, gold or rose gold for an on-trend statement feature. Other colour accents can be introduced with towels and flowers. The touch of decadence adds an extra layer of inviting relaxation that can be easily interchanged depending on your mood and the season. For a bigger investment, coloured natural materials, such as marble, is worth considering. Green marble is making a comeback, and you can look at wood grain laminate for joinery cabinetry.

Creative Colour

Too much of anything is not good, the overuse of a certain colour can have a negative impact on your mood. Generally, blue and green are more reflective, pensive colours, red can feel aggressive and studies show that green is the most calming colour. However any colour that‘s introduced in small dose accents, such as cushions, accessories, throws or artwork – will be fine. Balancing colours is key – contrasting colours work well to offset any unpleasant projection from one colour – i.e. if strong use of bold red feels a bit too much, introduce some blue to soften and create a dynamic space.


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