How Colour Choice Can Impact The Sale of Your Home

How Colour Choice Can Impact The Sale of Your Home

There are many ways to introduce culture into your home; through artwork, artefacts or décor pieces, perhaps the easiest way to do this is through colour. Colour is a tool that can be wielded to enhance feelings of serenity and relaxation, or it can be energising, and it can also represent the cultural symbolism and thus the experience of the space to the individual. We walk you through how introducing various colours into your home can signify different meanings for different cultures.

As different colours mean different things to different cultures, it’s impossible to give a completely accurate guide for what each colour truly represents, however, there are some generally accepted colour theories.


This colour isn’t just lucky for the Irish! In western cultures, green is seen as a relaxing and prosperous colour. In eastern cultures, green portrays positivity through symbolising new hope, new beginnings and regeneration; a colour for a positive change.

Try adding splashes of green throughout your home by using plants or by using it as an accent colour throughout your home.

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Blue has positive meanings in both eastern and western cultures and has arguably the broadest appeal when choosing a colour for the home. The colour blue is a respectful and dignified colour, it also promotes reflection and thought; a colour of relaxation and in eastern cultures a representation for immortality. However, this colour should be used with care if used for symbolism because in Native American cultures the colour represents defeat and sadness, and more generally, the colour blue is associated with depression.

Introduce the colour via artwork, throws and décor pieces throughout the home.


There is no doubt that this is a bold colour to create a dramatic effect within a space. Red is often associated with power and aggression which becomes more obvious as well look at the historical application of the colour used in war. In eastern cultures, red is associated with vitally, long life, prosperity, joy and good luck. In India red also means wealth and abundance. In western cultures, red is often associated with romance and intimacy. In South Africa red is the colour of mourning and loss.

As the colour red can be dramatic we suggest using it as an accent colour throughout the space, as opposed to using it as the focus colour of a room. You can also use flowers and furniture to introduce this colour into a space.

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Throughout Japan and Europe the colour purple is linked with religion and so signifies a regalness or royalty; conveying privilege. In the west the colour is also considered as a military colour and a colour of honour. However, with the positives also come negatives; in Brazil and Thailand the colour purple is used to signify mourning.


White to western cultures generally signifies purity, goodness and perfection; in contrast, it is the colour of death and mourning to most Asian cultures. Black is across the board associated with sombre feelings in western and European cultures, however, some eastern cultures where it can mean wealth and good health.

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In some cultures pairing different colours together can be used to symbolise a certain significance. To pair the colours red and gold in eastern cultures can symbolise fortune, and pairing green and blue can suggest prosperity to western cultures.

The best way to incorporate style to appeal to different cultures in your home via colour is to use colour sparingly. One way to do this is by starting with a neutral base and introducing colour through accents such as cushions and artwork curtains and rugs. Mixing colours will also create broad appeal and can balance any colour associated either with certain emotional connotations or cultural references.

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