3 Tips to Help Vendors Prepare for Sale

3 Tips to Help Vendors Prepare for Sale

As most real estate agents know, an important element for a successful property sale is the emotional impact a listing has on a potential buyer.

Presenting a property for sale is all about creating an aspirational living scenario. This will help solidify the property in the buyer’s mind and set it apart from the competition.

Getting presentation right could be the difference in the final sale price and the overall success of the sales campaign.

To help get vendors on the right track with presentation, we’ve put together our top 3 tips to help vendors prepare for sale.


If there is underutilised space in the property, transforming it into a study nook, or a secondary living area can add value in the eyes of a potential buyer.

Most buyers can’t visualise how a home can look or feel if it is presented empty – so physically putting the biggest bed in the bedroom possible, convinces buyers that they can fit their own double or queen bed in the room.

If a vendor chooses to leave it to the buyer’s imagination to ‘scale up the space’, most buyers are not likely to envision the rooms’s true potential, ultimately affecting the likelihood of a sale.

Longueville Rd 2

Image: Styled by Vault Interiors Property Styling


Styling for a demographic is very important.  Appropriate furniture and accent colours can be used to enhance a property’s appeal to a certain buyer or target market.

Downsizers may like a home presented in a more neutral palette, whereas young executive buyers may prefer a more designer edge with bolder accent colours.

If the property is close to natural beauty, the styling should reflect this, to reinforce the potential lifestyle benefits to the buyer – for example, if the property is near the beach, coastal styling accents can be used to showcase that lifestyle throughout the home.


Newtown styling

Image: Styled by Vault Interiors Property Styling


Is the property currently furnished by the owners or is it tenanted? A property can be well presented in either scenario. For example, if a listing is fully furnished but lacks warmth, punch and vibrancy – incorporating an art piece can really step the listing up a notch. If the owner is on a budget, a few stylish yet affordable additions may be all it takes to make a potential buyer feel more at home.

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Image: Styled by Vault Interiors Property Styling

If you would like to find more information on styling for sale (particularly in spring) click here.

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